Monday 13 June 2016

Great Learning Opportunity!!

Happy to share with you that my friend Srikanth has officially launched his Life Skills Coaching institute called ‘SKILS’ (I consider myself fortunate to have stumbled upon). Life skills are all those soft skills that will help an individual pursue their goals and realize their dreams. The list is exhaustive, A few such are 

·         Public speaking
·         Interpersonal skills
·         Leadership and motivational skills
·         Time Management Skills

These are critical drivers in any challenging work environment today and eventually contribute to overall personality development. Skills and abilities like these are distinguishing factors in identifying leaders. Hence the need for a professional coach is now more than ever. A Coach who is also a friend to you, who can provide unbiased evaluation of your present skill set, chalk out a customized plan to suit your requirement; and finally contribute meaningfully to help you achieve your goal.

Coaching is a process where a professional coach will work with an individual, clarify the goal, create an action plan and will follow up till the goal is reached. This is different to traditional training methodology and has better proven success rate. Please review the website (Skils with a single L) to know more.  There are specific coaching programs for school kids, teenagers, graduates, professionals, employees stuck in their careers, people with motivation or relationship issues etc. Please review the website and book an appointment should you wish to discuss.

In terms of credentials, Srikanth holds an International Certification as a Motivation coach from CCA (Certified coaches’ alliance) and is a Project Management Professional (PMP). His 20+ years of rich experience in varied roles, great interpersonal skills, in mentoring people have put him ahead in the league. His successful track backed with wonderful abilities at people management has carved a niche for himself. This not only earned him a reputation of a trusted person able to build winning teams always; but also has worked wonders to careers of people associated with him.

Please feel free to connect with Srikanth on his fb page to view updates and posts:

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your time reading this post. I hope you enjoy reading the posts and find it helpful. I request you to share the learning as much as possible so that many more benefit from it. I would be glad to know your inputs both For or Against. Please feel free to post, share or like if you find it useful.

Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!