Thursday 29 January 2015

You are the most amazing person in the people/team management. Rediscover yourself.

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Yes that’s right; you are the most amazing person in the world. Have you ever felt that way? Did you ever realize it? Probably you haven’t thought about it, not just yet. I have had all kinds of days possible; merry, sad, pathetic and memorable ones. I am sure it’s the same with others too. How would you describe your day? If you have to explain and summarize your day, how would you go about and most importantly who would you do it with? I am assuming here that you would prefer to have that kind of conversation with a person or a friend who knows you the best. One who understands you thoroughly.  A person that knows how you would react to situations, how you behave when you confront challenges. One who would comfort you and support you in the difficult situations that you have been through; and also a trusted counsel who would advice when things could have been done differently. Basically, we are talking about a recap process of the entire day spent, with a trusted one. Some people discuss the events in the day or situations, with their spouse or a close friend. Others do it with themselves probably over a couple of drinks. Either ways it works great. The emphasis here is to recap and unwind preferably on a daily basis.

Now, if I go through the entire description of who, I am really comfortable having such a discussion with, one who understands me and is really flexible with my time. The person that best fits the sketch or occurs to my mind is me, myself. The reason, I probably am more comfortable with talking to myself are:

·         I can be true to myself without pride or prejudice.
·         I can relive the situation, which I am trying to recap without any sense of shame or guilt.
·         I can honestly judge and explore other possible outcomes of a particular situation, with a clear mind and my own capabilities.

There certainly are huge benefits of such a recap session of events in the day. A few reasons that it is recommended are:

·         What went good during the day and can it be inculcated as a habit.
·         Who facilitated us to excel and did we thank them enough.
·         What went wrong in a particular situation and what other choices did we have to avoid it in future.
·         Can the situation be corrected the following day with an amendment?

Similarly, when you pass on such attributes to your team, you teach them new ways to assess their actions and thereby learn to bring about a new beginning with greater possibilities, each day. They look upon you to learn amazing things. Please refer to my previous post for an in depth explanation: ‘One day I want to become like you’…in People/Team Management – Create that Impression.   

Whatever be the case a recap of the day that is just past is always very helpful. Doing it with your self is even better. It prepares you to better your next day as you know the possibilities first hand. Such simple things when made a habit will never fail to transform you to be a better person and a better leader. 

Friday 9 January 2015

Today was a usual day people/team management. – Re discover it.

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Yes today was definitely a usual day for me with the daily chores and the normal worry that the receivables are down and the payable s are mounting is pending, you know the usual stuff. This routine is normal to me; I mean I am now used to that kind of pressure. I never budge or swerve from this kind of burden. I was having my own normal day and even enjoyed spending some time playing with my son (which I enjoy the most in life). I thought at least the evening would bring in some change and brighten up my otherwise boring day. I was hoping that something amusing would happen and put an end to my bothersome day. I was wrong; I got into an argument with an unreasonable customer who was arguing meaninglessly. I was trying to be polite and communicate; all in vain, he just kept on and on lecturing as to how we failed on delivering customer service and so on. This was it; I said to myself, this is the last disastrous thing that happens to me today. The conversation was thankfully, finally over; I got over it somehow.

I got a call from my friend who wanted to celebrate something and called me over, for a drink. At that moment, I thought god was still there for me, as I desperately needed to share an evening with a friend over some drinks. We met up at a normal joint, known for its good food and great drinks. Now, this is not a flamboyant place where staff where expected to be merry always; even if they were walking out of a funeral of their dear ones. We settled down and were placing our orders for food and drink. I noticed that the staff were so merry they were enjoying their time together; in spite of their day of hectic schedule.  They were all towards the end of their laborious day, yet they were so full of energy. They were calling out each other names and cheered us to do so placing our orders. They were having unlimited fun and were encouraging others to take part.

There were numerous things that occurred to me was how could this happen? How are they filled with so much of energy at the end of a monotonous day? Are they really happy? How are they happy at the fag end of the day? Not only that they are happy themselves, they are spreading it too. The crowd around were happily involved in their joyful conversations and in the process forgot their own miseries and sorrows. I confess, I was one among the crowd.

That is when I realized that happiness is contagious. It not only fills your own heart with joy, but also mirrors your reflection in other person’s life. For you, it might be just a way of life, but for some other person forms a purpose of life, so just to go ahead. And when you know this great secret of life...why not spread it. 

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Good Advice and Great people/team management. Practice it.

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Good advice and Great Company are always hard to find, especially when you need them the most. Together, most of the times, they serve as a beacon to guide us out of a difficult situation. Many a times, we find ourselves in situations that we are aware of a right solution but we may not be clear or unsure of its outcome. In instances like these, good advice re assures and encourages us to take that step. This forms like a firm support for us during such tough times. It then provides us great relief. Hence it is recommended, that we are surrounded with great company that care for us always. The kind of company that we keep has its influence on our general behavior. At this point, we need to ask ourselves a question that; is the company that we keep keeping us back? Or is the influence of our company guiding us towards wrong direction? Few interesting quotes, which I thought would share here:

In giving advice seek to help, not to please, your friend.   – Solon
Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't. ­-Erica Jong
“Do not be deceived: bad company corrupts good morals.”  - Holy Bible
Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.  - Izaak Walton

Needless to mention, our choice of company that we keep also reflects in the quality of decisions that we make; personally and professionally. Hence it is all the more important that we are always associated with a positive group of people, who certainly are our well wishers and can provide advice which aims to help us and not necessarily merely to please us. We need to realize that such a good company cannot be formed overnight and hence it is essential to build such a group over a period of time.

The process is simple, and is similar to choosing our best friends from a group of acquaintances from our past experiences.  We for sure know that our friends remain with us through thick and thin, guide us through adversities, people that we rely on. Even with our good friends, it did not happen overnight. This relationship too at some point of time, at the beginning of it was a new one. Eventually it grew into a strong bond with an investment of time. It took a lot of sharing and caring among each other to get to the stage, where it is now a tower of strength for us. However, we did not make those choices aiming to get some benefits out of it. We made that choice because we were happy with that person around or mostly because we liked it that way. 

Similarly, having such great company at the work place ensures to provide correct direction. Good advice from such people encourages you to take right decisions always. It also helps us enjoy our time at work. For bringing in the “Quality time” at work place, please refer to my earlier post: Changing What We Can at Our Work Place -Re Defining Work Environment.

Once you practice this and make it a habit, you will learn new things and evolve as a better person, as each of them comes with diverse expertise. When you learn, teach and share these best practices, you explore new horizons and discover new things.