Thursday 27 April 2023

Nirmama an art of higher discipline... In People/Team Management – a higher level of happiness.


Nirmama’ is a Sanskrit word which literally means ‘nothing is mine’.  People who come across this word for the first time find it difficult to understand the exact meaning of it. Nirmama doesn’t mean that you own nothing, instead it means that nothing owns you. It is a balanced state of mind.

This context is complex in nature. It is a higher form of discipline and comes with a lot of practice. However, once we start practicing it over a period of time, we will see that it will have a magical transformation, in the way we perceive things. It is relevant to the different aspects of professional and personal life. The result, however, varies from person to person depending on the ability and priorities of the person in question.

People are no strangers to challenges in life and the worries that follow. It could be a challenging situation at the workplace or a difficult phase in a relationship. It may be nerve wrecking in severe cases. In some situations, we could be fighting a losing battle and continue doing so without any point.

When we train ourselves on the concept of Nirmama, it does nothing to the situation itself, instead it changes our perception of the outcome and provides clarity in our decision making. A few tips to change the perception and facilitate better judgement, in important situations are as follows:

•         Getting our actual priorities right: The world’s hard enough as it is, we do not want to make it further harder on ourselves, by pursuing pointless misplaced priorities in life.


•         Getting the hang of ourselves: Not pursuing a blind love for a person or a thing, beyond a reasonable limit that starts messing up our own life.


•         This too shall pass: Not getting overwhelmed or worked up with situations, outcomes of situations. Not getting or taking things personally.


•         It’s just a matter of time: Do good and be good to yourselves first; bad surroundings and bad company will always result in negative outcomes for you. 

The situations may vary with different people, but when this approach is followed, it is always bound to give a positive outcome. Furthermore, it leaves you in a happier state of mind as you have done your part right. These principles when applied will result in a paradigm shift to our perception of life itself.

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Thursday 20 April 2023

Hate and anger are dangerous emotions that are rarely inseparable... In People/Team Management – overcoming them.

Hatred and the associated anger are dangerous, yet very common emotions that we experience a lot. Hate and anger are like twins that are rarely devoid of each other. We all can relate to hate in some way or the other, we hate a person, a thing, even certain situation. Hatred doesn’t develop overnight, usually it is sometimes one incident or experience that causes it, and similar repetitive occurrences help it grow deeper and stronger. 

Once the feeling of hatred for some person starts to take shape, it is only bound to grow over time. The next step is multiple layers building up, ensuring that hatred is hidden safely within and never ever gone. The source of these layers can be anything such as misunderstanding, reading the situation incorrectly, or simply misleading words from others who benefit out of the situation.

Hatred along with the resultant anger are so dangerous and powerful emotions that it doesn’t allow us to even imagine or to reason why we hate it so much. In severe cases, people go off bounds. The reasons could be only that stronger to and justifiable to the person in question.

Sometimes people tend to go off bounds to pursue the agenda even if their own reputation or in worst case scenarios put their own life at risk. If it is not addressed to on time, it will have harmful results that create some irreversible changes to life. It has the capability of wreaking havoc in both personal and professional lives. I am sure most people can relate to such instances.

The point here is whatever kind of hate that we harbor towards others is bound to disturb and destroy our peace and a part of ourselves too in the process. In this post we will discuss general hatred people tend to have towards others and ways to diffuse it.

·       Hatred is not a permanent condition that cannot be corrected or worked upon.

 ·       Reasons of hatred can be sometimes be as simple and silly as misunderstanding of a situation or falling prey to deceitful inputs from others 

·       Our ability to forgive is often an impeccable tool in curing hatred. 

·       Believing that there is something great in you, which will help you win over your own hatred. 

Another sure sign to observe is that we tend to justify our decisions and actions, however ridiculous they may seem. 

Some kind of hatred needs time to heal. However, the above tips can help us develop a positive mindset and speed up the process. The compelling need to stay away from negative emotions, fill our life and others with happiness, work like boosters in the process. The idea of living a meaningful life for ourselves and our surroundings is such a fascinating experience in itself; an act worth pursuing.

Saturday 1 April 2023

Career bucket list vs Life bucket list. In People/Team Management – Define and Achieve.


Bucket list can be explained as a to do list of the number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to accomplish during their lifetime. It is highly recommended to have one as it gives a sense of direction and a satisfaction of achievement; both in the career and life. Most people can relate to it and in fact have specific plans and goals for both their career as well as life. Generally, people get confused thinking a career bucket list and a life bucket list to be one and the same. They are two different things altogether. We will discuss in detail about both.

Bucket lists are categorized by what goes into them. The career bucket list is time specific and has to be achieved in a set pattern; it needs meticulous planning, and a systematic approach. The decision to create a career bucket list starts as early as our higher education. Some people have set plans for a career even from their schooling stage with the influence of family or surroundings. Once the basic idea is established it is then pursued as it progresses along with each step.

The career bucket list is essential to reach different stages of the career on a specified path at a set time. Success at each stage is a testimonial that you have put in the required efforts and have achieved it on time. A few benefits of a successful career bucket list plan and its execution are as follows:

·       Provides a defined career path that is rewarding from an early stage.

·       Promotes progressive thinking and a positive state of mind.

·       Recognition and respect in society for your efforts.

·       Secured and a comfortable life for your family.

·       Ensures financial independence to pursue ambitious Life bucket list items eventually.

Life bucket list items are a little different, they have more to do with financial discipline derived from financial independence. They can be achieved whilst achieving the career bucket list. A strong and an early career plan establishes a means to pursue an ambitious life bucket list. These items are more meaningful to you as a person. Things that go in this list are a reflection of who you actually are as a person and the list of things that you want to do in your life.

It is highly recommended that people are provided with this kind of orientation from an early stage of their life. This will ensure to stand a winning chance at both; a successful career and a meaningful life.

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