Thursday 14 December 2017

Preserve the ‘Good’ in People/Team management - Aim Perfection.

That’s right each and every person in this world including you has inherent good in them. Few people are aware and use it to its fullest potential and others are yet to realize it. This good is experienced when you do something good for someone and experience satisfaction. That’s when you realize that you are capable of influencing or touching other person’s life in a good way. Those deeds may be very small to you but could leave a long lasting impression to the people it matters most. Similarly, we too remember well the ‘good’ that we came across from other people that has helped us out or taken us out of difficult situations. This we are bound to remember for a real long time; some instances probably for the rest of our lives.

As you are reading this post, you may remember such instances and people from the past and relate to what we are discussing. I am sure your thoughts will get refreshed and you will feel a lot better when you just recall those moments. You must realize that it is these powers of the ‘good’ present in you over a period of time form a charisma. When you practice this strength with others in day to day relationships, both personal and professional; it becomes your second nature; quicker than you could ever imagine. Remember it’s not rocket science – it’s just as simple as never losing an opportunity to do good.

The ability of being a source of happiness to others is such a wonderful feeling. For me, thanks to my Mother, this thought process was taught to me right from childhood. A few pointers that she suggested to follow, whenever and wherever possible are:

·         Small good acts are enough (sometimes like acknowledging, appreciating where we tend to take things and people for granted)
·         Always doing the right thing.
·         If we sometimes aren’t able to do good in certain situation then no problem; but never ever even think bad for the other person.

I have always seen this particular thought process, help me enormously improve my relationships both personal and professional. Practicing this, I realized that people were more open with me than before and formed great bonds, long lasting ones. It’s also proved to be phenomenal with making some really nice new relationships; which otherwise was difficult to establish. Once we master this capability and pass on the technique, we not only reap the benefits of healthy relationships; but also make gradual yet powerful contribution to the society that we live in. 

My earlier post will provide an in depth analysis of our reactions to different situations. It will help us distinguish as to how we would react to a particular situation and how best we could possibly accomplish otherwise. 

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your time reading this post. I hope you enjoy reading the posts and find it helpful. I request you to share the learning as much as possible so that many more benefit from it. I would be glad to know your inputs both For or Against. Please feel free to post, share or like if you find it useful.

Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!

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