Tuesday 16 September 2014

Amazing things about working with people/team management – Discover it.

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Well let me begin this way. I would never have thought considering to work with people as a career given a choice. As I, for sure know even before I start working, the path I would tread would be unforgiving,  difficult, one with heaps of failures, loads of disappointment, betrayal, opportunistic behavior and the list is never ending. Each time you decide to start afresh there is a compelling force already acting against you analyzing the outcomes of your failure, a sure shot negative prediction for any and every aspect of your plan to work with people. And the frustrating bit is that this only the beginning. Working with people, I can’t sugarcoat here, will be challenging and demanding, but certainly will be rewarding. However, the process of working with people can only be possible if you are willing to work with yourself first. Unless you know for sure, that you are ready to face the hardships that are ahead and are geared up to meet them head on, there may be very little that you could do to help.

All said and done my recommendation to people who aspire to work with people, and make it as an area of strength, in their success and career progression, is that to take the plunge. I know this advice comes as easier said than done. It is like taking a bungee jump while being unsure if the chord is attached to safety rails in the first place. However, a small step taken towards your goal with a firm belief on your own kind, and with a genuine intent to back it up will go a long way. The most interesting outcome would be that it will provide you with a tremendous satisfaction, that you have made that difference. As a matter of fact, once you start working towards the culture of being genuinely interested in people, willing to work with them unconditionally through their difficult times and situations, you gain their trust and taste your first success with people. More so, you will undergo a paradigm shift for the definition of success for you. In the process, what is actually happening is that you have changed yourself to bring about the change that you were always looking for. Once you train yourself up this way, there will be a host of benefits coming up your way, seeing situations continuously the optimistic way is one great thing to begin with. It keeps you in charge always, as you will have a group of dependable people who are trained at your way of thinking to work through challenging times and demanding situations. 

To summarize, a little effort from your end, a small beginning, that small step would change your personality so dramatically, that success working with people will become a frequent occurrence and always providing a win-win situation for one and all involved in the process.

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