Tuesday 11 November 2014

Define success for you…avoiding confusion in People/Team management – Attain it.

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All of us have a fair understanding of what success means to us. We need to outline success for ourselves. You need to avoid any confusion clouding the very definition of success to you. Unfortunately, since our childhood days there were a lot of factors defining success for us at different stages in life. These notions continued to haunt us throughout our entire life. We fail to understand a simple fact that the definition of success is a person’s own thing to do. At times we forget that it varies from person to person. It is sad that we sometimes allow others to influence our idea of success and vice versa.

How do you define success for yourself? Are you successful in life? I have always answered to that question saying success to me is being happy. I would consider myself unsuccessful in life, the day I can no longer smile. I hope most of you agree with me in thinking so.  The answer may vary at different stages in life owing to the pressure by others. However, the most important thing is that we are sincere and have a crystal clear understanding of it, while in a responsible phase of life. For some, success may mean the joy of a corner office, swanky cars or an enormous bank balance. Others may just be happy with a moderate and peaceful way of living without any huge desires. Either ways it aims to bring about immense satisfaction. However, once you outline it you need to pursue it relentlessly though. There is nothing wrong with the definition itself, as long as the ways and means to achieve it is right and does not offend anybody.

Now let’s say that we have arrived at a logical outcome that success and happiness are closely related, to the extent of being synonymous to each other. Being happy always is not that an easy a thing to achieve, and sometimes not appropriate too. After all you cannot seem happy when the other person is discussing a major problem, explaining a loss to you. Instead what you can do is empathize and provide your support to the person through the difficult time. It will be a source of comfort to the person who will eventually be glad to have you around during stressful time. Similarly it is also essential to spread happiness among others to get it back from them. If you aim to be happy and thus successful you need to keep the surrounding happy too. Adopting this approach, will help a great leader like you build happy winning teams always, and attain success in the process.

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