Saturday 8 November 2014

Live for things… that you simply would die for… in people/team management – Establish it.

Heart & head

Yes that is right, live for things that you simply would die for. An interesting quote that reads: “It’s a short life live it wisely”. An addition to that would be a suggestion to do things that would please you; be it pursuing what you always dreamt or standing up for your people in need. Never compromise on what you believe is the right thing to do, else you start compromising as a habit; a way of living. Many a time we find ourselves at crossroads, a junction where we need to take a decision or make a choice both in our personal and work life. Often sacrifice is an essential component of it. Sacrifice in various forms; our passion, opportunities, and in worst case scenarios our principles. Why do we do it then? It could be a reason that we perceive it as the best solution for the situation at hand, at that point of time. Let us not forget that there are two vital guidance mechanisms influencing our decision making abilities at all times. Our head and our heart; head responsible for crunching data for us and finding a logical way out of the situation and our heart urging us to take that bold step and experiment. All our choices are based on mixed inputs from both; with the emphasis on the judgment of our brain.

Having said so, decisions concerning people that are data driven alone may not be very productive and consistent. Especially, if the guidance from your heart is not pursued you may lose out on the opportunities of great achievements. Although any decision that we make devoid the other is risk prone; with people it is rewarding to stress on the opinion of our heart. Following are pointers to explore such possibilities:

·         Taking bold decisions; believing in yourself and your people.
·         Gathering inputs from your brain; but following your heart to achieve remarkable results.
·         Considering what is right always; based on your learning, tried and tested methods.
·         Establishing strong principles on similar lines; adhering to it.
·         Motivating your team to achieve outstanding events; by rightful methods.

Building strong principles, which always steer you through the right path, is fundamental in guiding your team to follow likewise. They learn that you make no exceptions to your principles; consistently abide and adhere to them even in adversities.

Going forward, the leaders of future will learn from you; the culture of living by fair principles is instrumental in shaping up the future work environment.

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