Thursday 4 December 2014

You are a beacon of hope...for so many in People/Team Management. – Keep it up.

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It’s a busy world and you are in the midst of a happening work environment; constantly battling challenges, breaking your own records and setting new ones. Raising the bar again and again. Accepting new challenges, one after the other to prove you are the best among competition. You are sheer right in doing so, as you have put in that effort and only the tough can achieve it. Finally, you have done your part and are inches away from the result. At this point, let’s say the results are out and you have either achieved it or failed to accomplish it. Try to describe your feeling at this point. How would your usual self react to the situation? Once you have achieved success you will invariably praise your instincts and your foresight for the result. If you fail, your instinct will infer the issues and determine causes of the position; quickly lay the blame on the situation. Thinking so, though so natural is often in vain as either ways; it doesn't matter and fail to achieve concrete results. Most important at this point is that there is a group of people, your team, which is constantly observing you and are eager to learn from you; your success techniques or learning out of your failure. Yes, here you are a beacon of hope to them, their only chance to learn, to attempt at difficult tasks; not being frightened weather they achieve success at it or fail miserably.

There is no doubt that the efforts of the present day leader are tough; tougher still is the charm how you convey the learning to your team. Coaching them to aim and achieve success regardless of numerous failures, they may imagine in the course. Following are pointers to assess a success or failure at a task and evaluate it:

·        How was the task understood – was there any indecision.
·        How was the task launched – was there any confusion.
·        How was the task executed – was there any shortcoming.
·        What is the learning out of it?
·        Inferring through the learning, how differently can it be accomplished?

These can only form the guidelines for an assignment, the specifics may vary. However, the fundamentals remain the same; one that your team is observing it closely and you are their only source of learning. Most importantly, you will certainly teach them the right way of doing things. There may be prior instances that you had the same hope from your manager. Even if you haven’t received it, make a conscious effort to provide to your team. This undoubtedly is a perfect way to build winning team always. 

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