Thursday 29 January 2015

You are the most amazing person in the people/team management. Rediscover yourself.

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Yes that’s right; you are the most amazing person in the world. Have you ever felt that way? Did you ever realize it? Probably you haven’t thought about it, not just yet. I have had all kinds of days possible; merry, sad, pathetic and memorable ones. I am sure it’s the same with others too. How would you describe your day? If you have to explain and summarize your day, how would you go about and most importantly who would you do it with? I am assuming here that you would prefer to have that kind of conversation with a person or a friend who knows you the best. One who understands you thoroughly.  A person that knows how you would react to situations, how you behave when you confront challenges. One who would comfort you and support you in the difficult situations that you have been through; and also a trusted counsel who would advice when things could have been done differently. Basically, we are talking about a recap process of the entire day spent, with a trusted one. Some people discuss the events in the day or situations, with their spouse or a close friend. Others do it with themselves probably over a couple of drinks. Either ways it works great. The emphasis here is to recap and unwind preferably on a daily basis.

Now, if I go through the entire description of who, I am really comfortable having such a discussion with, one who understands me and is really flexible with my time. The person that best fits the sketch or occurs to my mind is me, myself. The reason, I probably am more comfortable with talking to myself are:

·         I can be true to myself without pride or prejudice.
·         I can relive the situation, which I am trying to recap without any sense of shame or guilt.
·         I can honestly judge and explore other possible outcomes of a particular situation, with a clear mind and my own capabilities.

There certainly are huge benefits of such a recap session of events in the day. A few reasons that it is recommended are:

·         What went good during the day and can it be inculcated as a habit.
·         Who facilitated us to excel and did we thank them enough.
·         What went wrong in a particular situation and what other choices did we have to avoid it in future.
·         Can the situation be corrected the following day with an amendment?

Similarly, when you pass on such attributes to your team, you teach them new ways to assess their actions and thereby learn to bring about a new beginning with greater possibilities, each day. They look upon you to learn amazing things. Please refer to my previous post for an in depth explanation: ‘One day I want to become like you’…in People/Team Management – Create that Impression.   

Whatever be the case a recap of the day that is just past is always very helpful. Doing it with your self is even better. It prepares you to better your next day as you know the possibilities first hand. Such simple things when made a habit will never fail to transform you to be a better person and a better leader. 

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