Saturday 18 October 2014

‘One day I want to become like you’…in People/Team Management – Create that Impression.

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Yes, one day I want to become like you; if you hear this often from your team members it is a sure shot indication that you are on the right track. They say this because they really appreciate your abilities and see you as their role model. They aspire and want to become a good leader like you in the near future. Remember you are the first impression to your team to form an idea or understanding of future leadership. Observing you they are eager to learn new abilities and add more skills required for this purpose. This way they contribute towards smooth functioning as they are inclined to learn from you and trust your guidance. Key things they learn are; the way you approach and plan challenging tasks, resolve issues and most importantly take decisions in situations. One thing that you must surely set an example is the quality and consistency in your decision making. This establishes your resolve that is unshaken even in adversities. However, the first point in decision making capabilities is to be able to take the decision itself and not being indecisive. The following can form the basic guidelines to the process of decision making:
·         The decisions that you make may have good or bad results – a leader should not be of two minds.
·         Knowledge of right and wrong; doing right in all situations – setting a right precedence by not choosing the easy way out.
·         Not letting your own perception influencing the decision and amend/vary rules for one individual/group – Not being biased.
·         When things go wrong accepting that it as your mistake and assuring that it will emerge as learning for future – Taking ownership.

Principles that you believe in or formed over extensive learning/experience form the basis for you to define right/wrong while working with people. People notice these strong principles guide your decisions through complex situations. They learn that you are not flexible with your principles; however tempting situations or easy way out options are available. Though you may be seen as a stubborn, ridiculous person for the person involved at that point of time, eventually they will surely understand and appreciate your resolve. Being consistent at these levels of decision making is definitely challenging but certainly rewarding. This attribute that you exhibit and teach your team goes a long way in shaping up their personality and facilitate transition them as well prepared leaders of tomorrow.

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