Thursday 26 February 2015

Lead yourself before leading others…in People/Team management – Self discipline a key contributor.

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‘Dare to dream and care to achieve’ this line is famous with achievers and successful people and I have come across it many a time in the past. Each time I heard it, I felt motivated and explored the need for a big vision to attain bigger things in life. However, after a few futile attempts at it eventually lost focus and forgot about my recent vision. I used to back up my failure giving reasons like: I lacked the resources, the vision I set up was very ambitious, unattainable and so on. One thing common in all the attempts was certain; a lack of interest to pursue any further. I am sure most of you would have encountered situations like this. Little do we realize that by working on small tasks (that are attainable with little extra effort) instead of aiming for huge visions (that require a lot of practice, discipline and many other factors to be in sync), things may be very different. In fact these little steps over a period of time will become contributing factors for bigger things in life.
It is very similar to the phrases we often come across: A great journey starts with a single step or tiny drops of river form huge rivers. Hence it is essential that we take things slowly and work on them till we attain it. Setting up tasks and pursuing it with discipline is the key here. The tasks that you choose need not be limited just related to your work place and could be very simple steps such as:

·         Being punctual always.
·         Greeting and communicating with a smile.
·         Making eye contact in a conversation.
·         Spending quality time with your people.
·         Commitment to learn/read/share.

The commitment that you make here is a huge step towards your development. You may choose any such tasks that you feel will benefit you. But remember, once you identify a task work on it with an unfailing persistent level of discipline till it becomes a habit.

It is essential that we possess these attributes of self discipline that help lead ourselves even before we begin to lead others. Also self discipline is a winning idea that needs to be introduced and encouraged with people you work with. Soon they will realize the importance and the contribution of self discipline in their own personality development. Some of its many benefits that it offers are as follows:

·         Provides a path for a practical solution to an identified issue.
·         Helps focusing on a task and putting that extra effort to attain results.
·         Enhances will power and urges to be strong at situations.
·         Forms guidelines to practice patience and self control.
·         Chalks out a planned way of dealing with things that matter most.

This process of identifying the problem areas and your great attitude of working on them progressively will not go unnoticed. Needless to mention, it has huge impact on people working around you, in terms of things, they can learn from you. Self discipline evolved as a strong ability will not only help you gain respect from others, but also pave way for the bigger opportunities that lay in front of you.

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