Sunday 1 March 2015

The art of gaining control over others…in People/Team management – Practicing it to perfection.

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In an ever evolving complex world, challenges in life are getting more complicated day by day. Few of those challenges may be represented as getting a task done with a group of people. The tasks may vary; it could be working to exceed a set target or preparing the team for a competition ahead. It could be getting the team to work as one or even attempting to correct a behavior. Whatever, the impending task might be, achieving success, is difficult unless we have certain control over the people. Well there certainly are more than few ways and means, to gain control and accomplish. We can be task masters or try intimidation showing authority. We may emphasize the need and dictate terms to attain. This approach may even bring results every now and then. I am sure we have all come across similar situations and adopted these methods at some point or the other in the past. All these methods seem great till the time we are at the receiving end of it.

The charm of gaining control over others however, is the most effective when the other person willingly lets you to guide and gain control. Does it sound stupid? Or does it even seem possible? Why would anyone willingly let you control or guide them?

The answer to that is most likely the person in question believes your abilities to guide. The person entrusts you with the responsibility to do the best for him/her in that situation. Above everything else, the person simply trusts you.

Now this trust doesn’t happen just like that, you have worked so hard to establish it. In the past whatever you said or did was in the best interest and one which was inclined towards development of the person. You may also have helped the person through difficult situations. This strong bond is formed as this person for sure knows that you are a well wisher. Hence, it is even more important now that you ensure that bond remains strong always.  A famous quote that I wanted to share here:

“Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three.”  - Ziad Abdelnour.

Few pointers that help you build such a strong bond are:
·         Taking genuine interest in the well-being of people.
·         Being a good listener and sensitive to their situations.
·         Offering help when they are in difficult situations.
·         Willing to work with them and support them through difficult times.

Well you now see having a way with people is not entirely that difficult, it just requires that we are interested in it. And it’s never too late to begin. We probably are on the path and already doing it, then let’s just practice it to perfection.

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