Tuesday 29 September 2015

Dealing with 'Emotional warfare in mind'...in team/people management. - A wonderful self development course.

Understanding and dealing  - Emotions

PS : Even before I start this article, I would like to let my readers know that the majority of the links in my last couple of articles (unlike my previous posts) is sourced from other website/s. However, the intention behind, is sharing valuable learning and best practices with you. My effort through this blog, is to share this learning that has personally benefited me, reach out to many more. This personality development learning will benefit one and all. I am confident that this learning will enrich your knowledge further and benefit you phenomenally - both professionally and personally. I take this opportunity to thank Jayaram V a great Author who has made this personality development essays available to all.

It is very common that we are at a constant warfare with our emotions in our day to day life. The battles I would say are very frequent. They are so frequent that we take them for granted and do not even stop to think about them. Emotions like anger, fear,emotions of lustful thoughts and you name it. Emotions that safe guard us sometimes and emotions that overwhelm us with guilt and shame. Well, that is the reason this post is titled "Emotional warfare in mind". Many people are not comfortable with their emotions. So they try to suppress them, or ignore them or distance themselves from them. But emotions just do not go away, unless you pay them adequate attention and remedy the underlying cause.The articles in this post below, provide a first hand information of how and why 
emotions trigger? and teach us methods to deal with them. 

Emotions are the drama of your life. Life without emotions would be dull and boring like an empty canvass. Emotions are at the heart of both good and bad relationships. They bring people together and also tear them apart. People express opinions about emotions, but know very little about them and much less how to deal with them, live with them and keep them under control. The following posts will provide us with a clear understanding of what emotions are, how they form and most importantly what can we do to control them. 

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and find it helpful. I request you to share the learning as much as possible so that many more benefit from it. 

Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!

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