Thursday 1 October 2015

Fear a never-ending team/people management. - Conquer it.

Fighting Fear

Fear has been and will continue to be our constant haunting emotion at all different stages through out our life. At an early stage, it could be fear of completing assignments and at a later stage it could be fear of competition, securing good education, choosing a career. Further down the line it could mean fear of losing a job, reputation, fear of change, fear of failure etc. Fear has many forms in different stages of life. 

It is the most dominant emotion of the human mind. In fact, it is so dominant that in worst case scenarios it will threaten a person's mind and convince it to commit suicide, as the only solution to a problem at hand. At that stage, a person cannot reason and foolishly thinks that death is the only solution to that problem. He fails to understand even the simplest fact that death has never been and can never be a solution to any problem in life.  If it were there would be so many people waiting in a line with such solutions (there would be no problems at all, only solutions).

Fear can be explained as a biological and physiological response to threats created by the mind and body. There is no way to completely avoid or win over it, however there are certainly methods to control and deal with our own fear. 

The following posts from renowned Authors, will provide us with a clear understanding of our strongest emotion, how and why fear is formed, what it does to us and most importantly what can we do to control them. 

A clear understanding of the causes of this strong emotion and learning to deal with goes a long way. The sooner the better. Once we have understood the science of fear and ways to deal with it, we would be very confident and make better decisions concerning career and life. The learning has a wonderful effect both on our personal and professional life. 

Remember - "Once you understand your fears, make a commitment, challenge yourself and conquer your fear, win over it the feeling would be awesome." 

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and that you will find it helpful. I request you to share the learning as much as possible so that many more benefit from it.

Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your time reading this post. I would be glad to know your inputs both For or Against. Please feel free to post,share or like if you find it useful.

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