Tuesday 7 March 2023

Relationships flourish with love, trust and respect…in People/Team Management – Converting connections into relationships.


The connections that we make in our day-to-day activities are a very frequent part of our life, most of them are just casual acquaintances. A few of them grow over time and turn out to be a stronger emotion than being just a connection between two people. Relationship between two individuals, is a complex, time tested, strong bond made out of a series of such connections.


These relationships can be formed at almost any place where people interact constantly with each other for a long period of time, for example at the work place, in the neighborhood etc.


The factors that make a connection transform into a relationship are diverse, it could include common interests, a general liking, appreciation, affection or any other aspects that complement each other.


The process of forming a relationship may be complex and time consuming, however the fundamentals of a good working relationship is plain and simple. It constitutes three aspects working in conjunction namely Love, Trust and Respect.


All relationships function on these basic elements working in unison, let us understand these crucial elements in detail.


·       Love: An intense feeling of a deep affection; it is fundamental for any relationship.


·       Trust: A firm belief in the reliability or capability of the concerned person; a very crucial aspect of the relationship.


·       Respect: A feeling of deep admiration for someone for their abilities, strengths, achievements which form the crux of any good relationship.


It is crucial to understand that the above aspects Love, Respect and Trust (LRT) need to function in combination. Any aspect missing can be detrimental to the relationship itself.


People suffer a lot in sore relationships due to a lack of understanding or absence of the LRT’s. It will have a devastating effect of the absence of even one aspect of the LRT’s.


·       Absence of Love in a relationship: It defeats the very purpose of a relationship; it is no longer a relationship. It’s just two people being together due to some other ulterior motives.


·       Absence of Trust in a relationship: it causes a sense of betrayal and results in a compromised relationship thereafter; that may collapse any time due to the resultant insecurities on either side. 


·       Absence of Respect in a relationship: when two people tend to be together without respect for each other’s efforts, time and feelings; eventually they will end up in an abusive relationship. It’s just a matter of time.


A successful relationship will have all the LRT’s functioning at all times. It is crucial in establishing and living meaningful relationships. 


Love Trust and Respect cannot be commanded or gained through force, even though it may seem that it can be achieved by force or other means; it’s a false notion and is bound to collapse at any given time.


A good relationship flourishes when we initiate the LRTs from our side FIRST.

If our intention and efforts are genuine LRT’s will come back to us in Multifold. 

In spite of numerous efforts sometimes, relationships can be challenging, requiring more care, attention and sacrifices. There is peace in letting go off certain things, while there is happiness in clinging on to certain things; our decisions of what to let go off and what to cling on to, makes the entire difference in how our life is shaped.

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