Saturday 25 March 2023

Understanding key drivers in career, life In People/Team Management – choosing the right ones.

Each process has certain key drivers that ensure its smooth running. These drivers work in tandem and are critical in ensuring a desired result. Similarly, there are specific drivers involved in planning a career and life too. It is critical to understand these drivers with utmost clarity and work on them on time. A lack of clarity in these drivers will be detrimental and may sometimes off-track the very plan itself.

Career is an ongoing journey and has different stages, a Beginner’s stage, Mid-level and a Senior level. The drivers among the various stages of career have two components fixed and variable. The fixed drivers remain the same to a specific career path. It is in fact a pre requisite for a role; like acquiring a particular skill set, personality development etc. A quick reference to my earlier post will help get a better understanding of it.

The variable drivers are, however, softer aspects of the role specific to an individual point of view. It differs from person to person. It primarily constitutes the motivational factors specific to an individual. The motivational factors in choosing a particular career path and being successful at it may differ among people within the same group too. These variable motivational factors that may include, standing out in a particular profession, to emerge as a SME {Subject Matter Expert), making more money etc.

Pursuing a passion will provide a head start for success at career growth; when pursuing a passion an individual is automatically motivated. These are a few tips that will help gain clarity at the variable drivers and thereby establish a successful career path.

·       Not chasing money – Money is a natural major driver to most people even from the beginning stages of their career. It is essential to understand that money is just a byproduct of the efforts that an individual is putting in establishing a career. Focus should be more on important aspects like acquiring new skills that will complement the present role, overall personality development, making meaningful new connections and developing a positive frame of mind. WHEN YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL AT YOU CAREER MONEY WILL AUTOMATICALLY FOLLOW AND IT IS NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.


·       Getting the priorities right – It is essential to choose an organization that provides you with more learning opportunities and is willing to invest in your personality development. IT IS AN INVESTMENT IN TIME.


·       Ethics as a center pillar - It is natural for people to get lured into false promises, commitments and get into unethical practices that are detrimental to careers of other people. It is important to be mindful of the fact that what can happen today to others can happen to us too in the future. Making informed and right decisions is critical. It is important to stand up for the right thing always; even if you are the only one standing. IT IS A DEFINITION OF YOUR CHARACTER.


A successful career is achieved by a calculated balance of both the fixed and variable drivers of any career path. Only the sky is the limit to people who put in efforts, plan meticulously and execute it to perfection. Such people one day get to become successful leaders who BUILD WINNING TEAMS ALWAYS!

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