Tuesday 27 June 2023

Features and benefits…In People/Team Management – What’s in it for me?

 Features and benefits – These terms are easy to relate, for people from sales background. In basic sales training these terms are taught extensively, with many examples. It is critical that they understand these terms well. Their success in sales is directly dependent on a clear insight into these terms.

They are taught to differentiate between the features of the product and the benefits it has to offer. While executing a sale, they are coached to explain the features of the product and sell the benefits of it. Although the product may be feature rich, it sells mainly because the buyer finds it beneficial.

In this post we will discuss as to how most people tend to get confused with the process of managing relationships Vis a Vis buying a product.

While buying a product it is only natural to think, what is in it for me? Buying a commodity is an investment in money. Hence it is only prudent that we decide on it after weighing the need, cost and how beneficial the product is to us.

Unfortunately, what’s in it for me? This mindset has cascaded in the way we are managing our relationships too. We are too occupied in looking at the relationship in one way.  

We tend to ignore or forget that if we treat relationships as a commodity. Then relationships tend to behave as a commodity.

In a failing relationship, many things may go wrong, few of them are as follows:

•         It may malfunction as a product does,

•         It may stop providing the desired outcome it was originally intended for.

•         One or both parties may just lose interest, as we do with a product after a certain period.

•         One or both parties may start comparing and liking a newer product rather than the present one.

The worst part is of all this will happen without warning, should the initial signs be ignored.

The good news is that these things can be avoided, if we act on time. Relationships should be nurtured with love and care. They are unique in nature and need special attention. Unlike products that come with a ‘Use by date’, flourishing relationships last long most of the time ‘Lifelong’.

Our mindset and choices make the difference in managing relationships that we make; whether we choose to make it a fragile one or a long lasting one. Relationships are more than an investment. They are an integral part of our life.

A product may go out of fashion, become outdated and not relevant anymore. A good relationship will only strengthen over time. Good memories from the past and a hope of a great future sustain and strengthen any relationship.

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