Tuesday 4 July 2023

Silence is golden…In People/Team Management – A great art of a conversation.


Education, knowledge, wisdom and being humble is the hierarchy of learning in life.

The purpose of education is gaining knowledge to help ourselves and others. The next step is gathering wisdom over a period of time, by virtue of our experiences. After getting an excellent education, acquiring great knowledge and getting wise; it is critical to be humble despite our achievements. It is like a feather in a cap.

This is all possible only with our ability to communicate. Communication sets us apart from the other species. Great accomplishments are a result of this ability. However, there are many instances that require us to be silent too. In fact, we need to understand that silence is an integral part of our communication too. We need to be wary of the instances and importance of remaining silent in some situations. It is crucial that we identify those situations well in advance.

A few instances where silence is golden are:

•         When you are angry: it is the most important time that you need to control yourself and refrain from speaking. Many a times you will come across people saying that ‘I just cannot control my anger’. While it may be true due to any reason; it is just not enough to avoid the resultant consequences thereafter. It is critical to understand that you will end up doing more damage to yourself than others. 

•         When you don’t have full knowledge of the subject or situation: It is not possible to be a master at everything. However, it is in our best interest to remain silent and control our urge to speak up and subject ourselves to insults. 

•         When your words aren’t valued: When your words aren’t valued and your opinion doesn’t matter, be sure enough not to provide any unsolicited advice. It’s in our best interests to avoid even our presence in such groups. 

•         When you want to observe more: When you want to expose yourself less and observe more, silence can be golden. For example, when you are new to a group and you want to understand the group dynamics before trying to fit in. 

Silence is sometimes more effective in conveying the message; more than the words themselves. Being silent, especially during the time we are angry, helps us channel our thoughts and take better decisions.

Controlling our anger is not at all an easy task, however, it is not impossible. It requires a lot of practice. There are lot of techniques in anger management. It is advisable to take up one immediately that is result oriented. Once we start adopting the techniques that work well for us, we will soon realize that silence is certainly golden.

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