Friday 20 December 2019

The people we like in our People/Team management – choosing the right ones.

In life we like few people. These people in most cases will be our own family, relatives and friends (who are as good as family) so on and so forth.  We are bound to like and love these folks as it is either biological or reasons that are time tested relationships. We know that they will be there for us no matter what. It is quite natural. The more number of such people we have the better for us.

Apart from the said set of people, we also have another group of people who we eventually end up getting acquainted with; as part of growing up, neighbourhood, our career, travels etc. Let us for the ease of understanding we will name them as Group 1 and Group 2. Though what we discuss in this post is generic to all relationships, it is the Group 2 that we would be focussing more in this post. The reason we need to understand this group is that it is formed as a result of our own choices. In a way they define us. Let us first understand the process of how we make such acquaintances.

These based on the conversations that we have with them, matching of our likes and dislikes, the amount of time we are associated with them etc. We are likely to form our observations among those conversations. We identify and associate them with certain traits. We try to match it with our own experience and expectations. If the score is right we tend to like that person a lot, irrespective of how that person may treat or behave with us or others in the long run. Few pointers that help establish such great connections:

·         Identifying people who are honest, not self centric, who value contributions of others.
·         People who tend to give good counsel always.
·         People who advise us the right thing and not the thing that seems right at that point of time.
·         People who do not tend to customize their suggestions as per the situation or the person in question.

It helps us a lot to identify genuine well wishers in life, they are hard to find. After identifying them, make efforts to connect with them even if it involves some small sacrifices. Once a connection is established, reciprocate the feeling and treasure them for life. Never ever hurt someone who likes you, because the world is shrinking rapidly relationship wise; as such people are irreplaceable in life. This Group 2 set of friends sometimes give us valuable advice when we have some major issues with Group1 and vice versa.

We must always remember that the major driver in all our relationships is ‘Our own expectations’. It helps us a lot if we keep our own expectations fair, just and reasonable.

Also remember we are among Group 1 and Group 2 for so many other people too.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your time reading this post. I hope you enjoy reading the posts and find it helpful. I request you to share the learning as much as possible so that many more benefit from it. I would be glad to know your inputs both For or Against. Please feel free to post, share or like if you find it useful.

Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!