Tuesday 21 May 2024

Job satisfaction…In People/Team Management – Managing work life balance.


A job by definition is a paid position that requires completion of a set of tasks. This is fairly understood in clarity by almost all. However, there can be complications regarding how we intend to do a job, as opposed to how we are expected to do it.

When we do our job and are happy about it, it results in job satisfaction. In most cases, job satisfaction is hardly dependent on doing the job itself. The factors are different for different people. It may be the work atmosphere, it may be dependent on the people who we work with, respect and value that we get in the society associated with the job we do, work life balance etc.

Pay is also an important factor but rarely is the sole reason. If pay is the only reason, people are smart enough to move to another job, or find an alternative source of income, take up a second job etc. In most cases, the lack of job satisfaction and the reasons for it tend to be emotional in nature.

People sometimes perceive the job that they are doing as the hardest job in the world. It is evident by the way they explain the complexity of their job to others, in conversations among their friends or relatives. They don’t miss an opportunity to complain about their job and feel it is so unfair to them. The resultant stress and pain can only get excruciating as they are doing something that they hate. They fail to understand it was their choice and still continues to be too. A few pointers that can help relieve the stress and result in job satisfaction are as follows:

      Sense of purpose: Identifying the job with sense of purpose and achievement that directly results in a secure and a comfortable life for self and family. A condition that so many people are deprived of.

      Understanding the importance of the job: Don’t take it too lightly that you will go jobless in an hour, similarly don’t take it so seriously that you will end up having prolonged mental stress. A job is an important aspect of life, but there are other things too that are far more important.

      Making the work atmosphere happy for self and others: In fact, when we make the work environment happy for others, our work atmosphere gets happy too.

      Being the person, whose absence is missed: Trying to be the person whose presence is appreciated and sought after is a good way of ensuring satisfaction for self.

      Overall Personality development: Working towards improving overall personality development by taking up course to upskill or involving in engagement activities is another way of improving chances for new opportunities.

There is never a formula for job satisfaction, where values can be tweaked to get or change desired outcomes. Understanding what really motivates you is the key. Once it is identified, constantly working on it will help ensure satisfaction at work. Personal life is equally important, a balance between work life and personal life is essential as both complement each other.

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