Monday 14 May 2018

Nurturing the good in People/Team management – Do good be good.

There is inherent good in everyone...very true there definitely is good in each one of us. Similarly, there is some bad in each one of us too. That is nature and that is the way we are. The difference however, is how frequently we choose to engage with these powerful emotions. In most situations, we are in control of the positive and negative traits. However, on few occasions we tend to get influenced more by our natural traits; usually the bad in us. There are many reasons why we readily and easily get lured by this negative trait. Some common reasons that we can relate to are anger, ego, selfishness, rage etc the list is endless. We also observe that whenever we engage in these emotions, it is certainly not an enjoyable experience. We all are aware of the rippling effect of such experiences too. Having said all that, some of these situations occur spontaneously and some build up over time. The way we react to situations like these further determines the outcome. The outcome it is not pleasant at all for all those who are involved. Here we will understand in depth about the situations that build up over time.

These natural negative emotions are not that terrible as long as they come out as uncontrollable outbursts in isolated incidents. However, what is more dangerous is that when we start rationalizing and justifying our reactions; much after the actual incident has occurred. This is the first step in feeding the evil in us.

From here on each time we think about the incident and seek further justification and favor our decision, we actually have begun to construct a wall between us and resolution of the problem; with the other person or a group. The process is expedited should the other person in question also thinks and behaves similarly. Now there are two strong and high walls standing between you and the other person in question. At this point these walls are really strong fueled by ego and we are too blinded to realize it.

These simple misunderstandings at the beginning multiply, snowball and spell a far greater catastrophe. This by far is the actual thing that goes on when we are in a strained relationship; be it professional or personal. It spells a disaster and destroys relationships sooner than foreseen.

Accidents like these can be easily avoided by following simple steps from the beginning, such as:
·         Identifying a potential problem that can escalate early and address it then and there.
·         Open and positive communication.
·         Mutual respect and trust.
·         Acknowledging and appreciating the efforts and discussing it in person.
·         Discussing each others’ expectations clearly.

This is the inherent good in us that all of us are capable of. We just need to be sensitive while addressing the situation. These steps when practiced again and again develop as a second nature and will help avoid relationships go the disastrous path. The beautiful relationships which otherwise were meant to last long lasting sometimes lifelong.

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