Friday 3 November 2023

The journey from selfishness to selflessness…In People/Team Management – Principles that can transform our entire life.


The journey from selfishness to selflessness is not an easy one. It requires discipline, sacrifice, patience and courage. Always doing the right thing. Once we start the journey, it is bound to change the way we look and conduct things in our life.

[Many interpretations are already available on the open source. For the benefit on my readers, I am attempting to put it together here with my perspective]

This post is an attempt to understand the teachings from a great scripture Bhagavad Gita. The principles of which are so relevant even today, even after thousands of years of its inception. The summary of the eighteen chapters helps and guides us to look through our life with clarity. For those who follow the principles mentioned it serves as a guiding beacon on how to conduct life in general. Though there are countless lessons that the epic book teaches us, these are a few pointers that we can imbibe them in our day-to-day life:

•         Understand that change is the law of nature: Everything will change, including circumstances, situation, people etc. We need to be open to new things or people. The only thing we lack is the right amount of motivation and inspiration for the unique circumstances that we face. Once we go through the process it becomes our experience.

•         Stay Calm: Staying calm gives your mind a break that it needs to get out of a situation and find the best way to react. Our entire knowledge is useless if we panic. Our anger is the worst enemy that we can face. Being calm helps our mind to organize our thoughts, apply our knowledge, evaluate the consequences and find a solution for the problem at hand.

•         Be fearless: Fear is a primordial emotion present in every living being. Nevertheless, it is important that we step up for what is right, stand up for the weak. Facing our fear fills us up with a great sense of achievement and reinforces our capabilities.

•         Accept that things are not permanent: Don’t get overly attached to materialistic things. They will eventually get destroyed or change. Clinging to things is the root cause of all miseries.

•         Don’t be selfish: Let go off I, Me and Myself attitude. By working always for the benefit of others would cause the entire world to help us in our times of need.

•         Don’t think about the consequences too often: Shifting focus on doing a prescribed task is of utmost importance than worrying about the outcome itself. 

•         You came empty handed and you’ll leave empty handed: This is the universal law. The good name that we earn doing good deeds for others, during our lifetime, is the only thing that lives beyond us.

•         Man is made up of his belief: If we think we cannot accomplish a task, we have lost the battle before it has even started. Do not doubt yourself, put genuine efforts though.

These principles, when imbibed as a way of life, are sure to transform the very quality of our life for good. They never fail to guide us through the right path whenever we face lack of clarity in a situation.

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