Monday 7 August 2023

The power of your voice…In People/Team Management – The inner voice and inner strength.

 Communication is the key to almost all aspects of our life. It is the way we talk to people and conduct our day-to-day affairs. Our success directly depends on how effective we are at it. There is a different kind of communication, which we use to speak and connect with ourselves called our ‘Inner voice’. In this post, we will learn about our ‘Inner voice’ and ‘Inner strength’.

‘Inner voice’ is the way that we talk with ourselves, ask ourselves multiple questions while seeking a situation. ‘Inner strength’ is our untapped capability, the limits of our potential to see us out of a dangerous situation. It is bound to give good results, each time when we use it effectively.

Everyone is blessed with the above capabilities. It is just that some people know how to use it effectively and others are yet to learn to use it, when they face situations that demand them.

The situations that prompt the usage of these capabilities are not very frequent. It is usually when we are stuck at a crossroads or in difficult and dangerous situations in life. A few examples of it are when we have to take important decisions, course correction situations in life, when we are in critical situations.

The fundamental principles that guide us in usage of these capabilities don’t change irrespective of the situations we face. It is how we are as a person that determines the usage and outcome of these capabilities.

When we are facing a difficult situation, we don’t arrive at a solution directly. It happens after a series of different phases. The different phases can vary from being disinterested, anger, frustration, feeling victimized etc. It is situation specific. These situations tend to be highly emotional. A few pointers below will help get a clarity to cross through the rough patches:

•         Figure out what you want and learn how to ask for it: We need to practice this when we are communicating with ourselves. It is important to not choose something just because it is the easiest way out. 

•         You’re tougher than you think you are right now: It is very critical to believing our self. Holding the fort until we find a solution is paramount. It is a shame that people lack this ability and in severe cases end their life. 

•         Not doing anything wrong is what will keep you afloat: Not succumbing to external pressure during the different phases of facing the situation is critical. Any wrong step due to any reason will only aggravate it further.

These situations from the beginning to the end will surely be difficult and test our potential to the limits. We cannot escape facing them, however, the outcome in general will be better, if we improve the ways to handle it. Our ‘Inner voice’ and ‘Inner strength’ is truly an asset that we possess in countering these difficult situations.

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