Monday 13 October 2014

When everyone else said why? I asked myself why not? in People/Team Management – Trying to be the solution.

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Our job working with people and being successful at it always; is sometimes challenged when we encounter that one individual who is perceived by others as impossible to work with. The other people who you work with have tried and given up on this individual as he/she may be terribly stubborn, could be egoistic and not a team player.  Thankfully difficult situations like these that seem unattainable are not very common. At least let’s hope it is very rare. There certainly are corrective measures of different degrees within a work place to address issues like these. The last option left might result in either transfer or resignation of the person. Everyone strongly suggests the final option for that individual. Before considering it, you are approached and asked to include him/her in your team as one final attempt, an opportunity to work with the individual and bring in some change. There is a reason I call it an opportunity is because that while it is undoubtedly a major challenge; should you achieve it, is nothing short of a miracle (both for you and that individual). When you achieve success at it your own abilities emerge as a bench mark. You raise the bar in working with people. It identifies you among the cluster, as thriving at working with people and turning them around.

If you are not sincere about the task at hand, my recommendations don’t even try it in the first place.  Remember that you have got nothing to lose yet attempt it as if your entire abilities were at stake. Before starting the actual process have a positive discussion with that person. Clearly explain the situation discussing the following:

·         Explain that based on past events and feedback from other managers it has led in identifying a certain behavioral pattern; of being a misfit to work in team environments.
·         As a result, there are more than few occasions that people have tried and given up.
·         At this point if the person gives up too it will be only a matter of time that he/she will give up on everything else to follow (could be in another job/s or anything else for that matter).
·         You are willing to work with the person as you believe otherwise; provided the individual helps you to help him/her.
·         Assure him/her that you are not of the kind to give up on people easily; working together, things can definitely change and result will be evident. They need to put in great effort though.
·         Get solutions from the person on how he/she furthers the process/learning based on past experiences.
·         Obtain commitment from the person for a workable plan.
·         Finally, provide support consistently; acknowledge/appreciate whenever/wherever they show improvement.

A mere attempt at such tasks needs great courage and determination. Be assured it is definitely not an easy task to achieve but certainly not an impossible one. Believe in yourself. Just imagine when you gain success at such tasks – it’s an experience that you will be happy about for a long time. Great leaders are not born; they emerge out of continuous practice while accepting new challenges. Getting the job done is one thing, getting it done when everything else is failed is entirely a different thing. 

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