Monday 8 May 2023

Leading by example… In People/Team Management – Touching people’s lives.


The world is a busy place forever. In this busy schedule, it is only natural that we are busy ourselves too, so much so that we take people and sometimes situations for granted. We tend to think that with people associated with us, simply following a routine and following procedures will continue to give the desired outcomes always.

In our day-to-day life there are several opportunities, for us to lead by example. A critical leadership virtue is where you exhibit the behavior that sets you apart from the rest. People notice this behavioral trait in you and get influenced by it. It is not a surprise that such continued behavior will prompt people to choose you as their role model. This set of people can be at your workplace or in your personal life.

Once we make it a habit to look for such opportunities of leading by example, we not only provide value addition to others but to ourselves too. Once practiced to perfection this habit becomes second nature. This expertise will touch people’s lives in many ways. Touching someone’s life means making a positive change in someone’s life. The following tips will guide in establishing such a path.

•          Doing the right thing always: Sometimes we tend to falter from doing the right thing or make some adjustments or making some compromises, for personal benefit or to favor others. As leaders we should be aware that we are being observed all the time. 

•          Never to think less of someone or wish bad for someone: It is very important that we practice this particular virtue to such an extent that it becomes our second nature.  It is important that we stay away from the temptation of judging others.

•          Standing up for the right thing: It is critical that you stand up for the right thing; even if you are the only person standing. 

Practicing these virtues is easier said than done. However, it is not impossible.  Handling situations and taking decisions based on the above guidelines is a good way to start. Initially, little effort is needed to get used to this shift in the thought pattern. This paradigm shift in your behavior will not go unnoticed and phenomenally impact you connect with people for good. As a result, over time you will notice that people’s way of looking at you will change and they too will start reciprocating in the same manner.

As they say: Write something that is worth reading about or do something that is worth writing about.

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