Tuesday 16 May 2023

The power of your smile... In People/Team Management – Unlock the potential.


In our day-to-day life we meet many new people, both in our personal and professional lives. Few of them are people in our neighborhood, at our work place or when we are out on a journey etc.

When we have a journey ahead, we plan extensively and work out many things to make our journey a pleasant and memorable one. We don’t leave things to chance. Also, we plan the journey ourselves, nobody else plans on our behalf.

We do not get to choose people who travel with us, yet we are hopeful and look forward to the opportunity of having good company along. It all depends mostly on how we establish a great connection.

How different is our life then? If we relate our life as a journey, it would only make sense to put efforts into making it a pleasant one; by establishing good connections with the people, we meet. We meet some of them just for a few times and some form a good connection over a period of time. The onus is however on us to make great connections along the way. The guidelines for making a journey a pleasant one or a life a meaningful one is pretty much the same. The tips to build great connections are simple and a few of them are follows:

•         Your powerful smile and a few good words to go with it: People underestimate the power of their own smile. I am sure that people who use this attribute will know the benefits that follow, it will have a magical effect on the connections you make. People identify you with your smile and remember you for your gesture. It is not about pleasing everybody. It is in fact expressing your genuineness. 

•         People enjoy and appreciate this virtue in you: It is the same with us too, right? It is not at all an exaggeration to say that people will go out of their way (in their own capacity) to return the gesture back. People start missing you and look forward to your company. 

•         Being engaged, sensitive and sympathetic in conversations: Expressing happiness or sorrow when they share their emotions; even if it doesn’t matter to us in any way. Once you start meeting people this way, people reciprocate in a similar way. It is only natural that people will want and cherish your company.

This is a very easy method that you can start using right away, if you aren’t doing it already.  It will have a phenomenal improvement to your own quality of life. It doesn’t matter if it fails to get a desired result in some cases. It only matters that you do it each and every time you meet people, especially new ones. It won’t be long before you notice the benefits of this virtue. Also, you will be surprised to see a noticeable difference in how people react.

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Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!

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