Friday 5 May 2023

The problem of problems… In People/Team Management – Understanding and resolving.


Problems as we are aware of come in all shapes and sizes. The causes are mostly self-made and sometimes it may occur due to external factors that we don’t control; not to mention the worries and tensions that are associated with it

The problems that we are referring to in this post are non-technical in nature. It’s not like we are trying to address a major civil engineering calculation error in the construction of a dam or something like that. We are discussing people's general problems and the softer aspects of it. The general day-to-day problems caused and faced by people in their professional and personal lives.

The reason most of the problems are self-made is not because we simply enjoy being stuck with a problem. It is our miscalculation, misinterpretation, misjudgment, over expectation etc. The list is exhaustive. Irrespective of whether the problem is self-made or due to external factors, the only option left to us is that we face the problem that lies in front of us.

In this post we will discuss the basic problems of a problem. In other words, why is it sometimes so difficult to resolve an issue? It is important to understand these factors before we actually go about solving complex problems that we face. These tips are helpful to clearly define an issue we are facing and the way to go about resolving it. They are as follows:

·       Defining the problem: Many times, we don’t define the issue at hand and hence fail to find a solution to it. For example, are we facing similar issues with other people or is it with this one particular person? If it is with one particular person, then the methodology of resolution differs from facing the issue with multiple people.


·       Identifying the root cause: This is a critical step. Unless we identify the root cause of a problem and address it, it is more likely that we will continue to face similar issues in the future. Methods like ‘5 Why Technique’ are quite helpful in identifying the root cause. In general, asking ourselves the reason’ Why’ 5 times will help dig deep and help us locate at the exact reason of an issue. Each time we get an answer to the previous ‘Why’, the same exercise needs to be followed until we reach the root cause.


·       Identifying the emotion involved: Surprisingly a majority of issues we face are results of Egos involved; ego of our self or the other person involved. If we are serious about resolving the issue, open communication setting aside the ego is the only way forward.


The problem that we face tends to create a roadblock and blur our mind seeing through the resolution to it. It is always recommended to take expert advice or a third-party perspective to a situation when we fail to see the real issue in clarity. These tips will not only help resolve our present issues, but over time will build as a rich experience. These methods may not take away all the problems in life but are certain to create substantial improvement to the overall quality of life.

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