Wednesday 31 December 2014

Good old experience or ...fresh new talent? In People/team management. You decide.

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Yes all of us, be it recruiters and employers; at some point of time face this inevitable question. It is more often with first time managers who get to choose their new team. This is the same question that people in similar functions have faced all through. How do we make what may seem like the toughest decision in selecting your team, your work force? Do you want to play safe hiring the competent people with great experience, bank on a strategy with the tried and tested methods? Or do you want to take the adventurous lane and seek new possibilities. People, who have their reservations either ways, have their point which is very valid in choosing likewise. Each may be eager to voice their thoughts in justifying their choices. For instance, some may say that there is a great deal of certainty in choosing and using the experience of a seasoned expert. It narrows chances for any failures and they always have a way out of any situation in their kitty, owing to their extensive experience. Some others may have a different opinion altogether. They may argue the need of a fresh perspective and energy in the team. A fresh set of people that will have a lot of ‘Why’ and ‘Why not’s in the team. Their reasoning, while obnoxious, at times may lead to new solutions or help tap new doorways to unexplored horizons. Both the groups have their own merits and demerits.

Personally, I would choose a well balanced mix and match of both the groups. Well my intention here is certainly not to start off a debate as to which is a safe bet. Instead, it is to spotlight and explore the possibilities of such a fusion. On one hand you would have a proficient set of people who you could bank upon; and on the other hand you would have a brand-new group who could be molded to absorb the learning and trained to the fill the gaps where the accomplished lot is lacking. Together they can be motivated and trained to complement each other so well to work as a harmony. Thereby, you are bridging the gap between two different groups with two different mindsets and creating unison.

Let’s say in simpler terms, this is similar to bringing members of the family, who are of different age groups, together. It is in no ways simple, but essential to hold the family together through thick and thin. We need to identify each other’s areas of interest and development, find common ground. Teach each one to identify, respect other person’s boundaries and possibilities. This way we evolve as a wonderful family.

Then, how different is to convert your new team which a blend of two different groups of people to gel together. I would say it is worth a try.

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