Sunday 27 September 2015

Happiness as a key to team/people management. – both personally and professionally.

Happiness as a key to success

I am sure most of you are aware that happiness is synonymous with success. We are happy about our success and we celebrate it. This is a general course of action as we have experienced happiness from an event. It is an expression of happiness on a random occurrence. However, there is another aspect of happiness. Happiness as a state of mind – one that develops as your personality, the way you react and respond to the events and circumstances in your life. The point is if you practice this “state of happiness” always in any relationship or with your team, the result will be phenomenal. The same applies both in your professional and personal life as well. I would like to share with you a wonderful collection of articles related to “state of happiness” by Jayaram V a great author. I am sure the read will provide an insight into the nature and psychology of happiness. Please find below the links to pursue happiness as a key to success.

·         What Makes You Happy?
·         A Simple Key to Happiness.

Few remarkable quotes about happiness:

·         If you want to be happy, look at how you make yourself unhappy. – DR. Gail Brenner.
·         Happiness breeds more happiness. – DR. Gail Brenner.
·         Happiness is a word that refers to a state that can’t be defined in words. – DR. Gail Brenner.
·         If you consider happiness is as essential as breathing your each moment would be so much happier.

I hope that you find the above posts and the insights informative and helpful. 

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