Saturday 29 July 2023

Overlapping space issues…In People/Team Management – The placebo effect.


The human mind is a powerful thing, with determination and grit people can achieve what seems to be herculean tasks. Similarly, when the mind wavers and lacks clarity, it can end up in disastrous situations too. It is how we train our mind to perform that matters.

Speaking of mind since everyone has one of their own, and it is unique. People think and react to situations differently. Though the reaction may be similar among few; however, what prompts them to react differs from person to person. These reactions can be a result of learning, experience, habits etc.

When any two people live together or are associated together for a long time, the way they think, their way of doing things, their perception of situation etc. differs. It is even more obvious when people involved are of different sex. Initially, they may try to go out of the way and showcase their best behaviors. However, over time as they get more complacent with each other, their mind starts exploring and analyzing.

People feel the need of sometime for themselves referred to as ‘Me Time’. They feel the urge to relax and unwind. It is completely normal, in fact essential to relax too. Now how one does it or what relaxes a person completely differ from person to person; especially with people of different sex. For example, a woman might find activity like shopping relaxing and soothing; whereas a man might feel it stressful and enjoy some other activity like hanging around with his friends over a drink.

Whatever the activity, the ‘Me Time’ will only add freshness to the relationship and strengthen it. This must be understood as paramount to a healthy relationship.

The real problem is when the ‘Me Time’ of both the people overlap with each other. They fail to realize that this time they are allowing for each other ensures things between them lively forever. Some people may not understand this simple concept and hence fail to understand the need for it. The reasons could be insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, selfishness etc. Whatever the reason may be these overlapping space issues will only strain a relationship and be detrimental to it.

Some people can indulge in these overlapping space issues knowingly, and some may do it with the lack of knowledge of it. A few pointers to deal with such situations are:

•         Open communication: This is the first basic step that needs to be followed. In many situations, it is a one stop solution that addresses the issue.

•         Me Time: Discussing the concept of ‘Me Time’ and explaining the need for it for both. Agreeing on a schedule.

•         Adhering to the schedule: Adhering to the mutually agreed schedule and respecting the other person’s ‘Me Time’ space.

•         Honesty Factor: People usually maintain secrecy and indulge in their own space. It defeats the very purpose. It harbors suspicion and thereby leads to lying. Lies compound lies. If you don’t lie you don’t have to remember a thing.

The basics of any relationship need to be love, trust and respect for each other. Any element lacking will get the entire thing done. 

Sometimes we need to train our mind in order to accept certain things and improvise accordingly. We need to get the mind thinking that this accepting and respecting of each other’s space is not because we want to escape from each other. It is only for refreshing the lovely relationship from time to time. In general terms it is called the Placebo effect.

A placebo is anything that seems to be a "real" medical treatment -- but isn't. It could be a pill, a shot, or some other type of "fake" treatment. One of its uses is to get the mind thinking that it is getting the real medicine and strengthen it to recover. Placebos can have an effect on conditions such as depression, pain, sleep disorders etc. (Information sourced from internet}

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