Monday 10 July 2023

You win some you lose some…In People/Team Management – Making wise choices.

People have a network of relationships both in their professional and personal life. It is a very big and integral part of life itself. Most of these relationships are results of the choices that they make in life. The choices made are based on that person’s feelings, observations, likes and dislikes, compatibility etc.

The relationships thus made are sometimes thriving and at times challenging. In the worst cases, it can turn into an abusive relationship. The reasons it turns abusive can be varied, and assorted too. It reaches an extent that you can no longer continue the relationship even for a day; yet due to some reasons or pressures you are forced to survive through it. It feels like leading a miserable life every day.

People sometimes struggle in their relationships. Even when there are numerous reasons to give up, they cling to that one reason not to. In most cases it is a simple lack of understanding of each other, incompatibility, unwillingness, ego etc.

The transformation in a relationship from a challenging one to an abusive one does not happen all of a sudden. Only in rare cases it happens suddenly, for example due to an unacceptable incident etc.

We cannot control the things life does to us, they are done even before we know it, and once they are done it makes us do other things. The idea is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

However, it is paramount to identify the changes in the behavior and act swiftly to control the damage. The following are few pointers that will help see through the rough patches:

·       The ability to see the best in people even when they don’t deserve it. 

·       Trusting and believing in people motivates them to want to make adaptations. 

·       Taking timely bold decisions is sometimes necessary in worst cases. 

·       Understanding that procrastination will only delay the inevitable outcome.

Needless to mention, these steps should be considered only after exhausting the preliminary efforts of having open communication, taking counselling and putting multiple efforts to address the situation.

One must understand that relationships are formed due to our own choices and they last due to our own part of conducting affairs too. In short, it is a reflection of ourselves. Hence, the reason relationship between two people failing or flourishing is a direct result of shortcomings or capability of both.

Wishing all my readers a happy and fulfilling relationship!

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