Friday 21 July 2023

The purpose of life…In People/Team Management – understanding the charm of living.


The purpose of life is living it to the fullest, while it lasts. We seem to have lost this understanding somewhere in the hustle of life. People plan extensively for their academics, career, their life itself. It is only natural and of course good to have a great plan in place. No offense with that at all.

However, the problem lies when things do not go as planned. The resultant disappointment is sometimes really very difficult to handle. The inability to prepare ourselves to handle failures and manage our expectations makes matters worse for us.

In worst case scenarios, people even commit suicide over petty things such as failure in exams, relationships, financial problems etc. I have come across cases in the news where people have ended their life as they could not get their desired mobile phone. It is such a shame that people can end up taking such disastrous steps, for such silly reasons.

The reason that such incidents happen is because during that instance people are so consumed by the desire that they cannot imagine the guilt nor were they prepared to handle the fear of loss. These silly things unfortunately, do not at all matter to our life in general. No reason can possibly justify these disastrous decisions no matter what.

Even in not so severe cases, people suffer to manage the fear of things not going as planned, fear of loss. The loss could be anything, a lost job, a failed relationship, going bankrupt etc. In general, the fear of loss of anything gets so overwhelming that it disables our ability to think beyond the cocoon that we unfortunately spin around us.

Our ability to deal with such situations depends solely on our inner strength that we nurture and our thought process. A few pointers that can help build the same are as follows:

•         The best thing in life aren’t things at all; realizing life is much bigger than we can fathom.

•         Life is not about doing big things perfectly, it is about doing little things right; one thing at a time, rest will fall into place.

•         Realizing Forgiveness is a superpower; holding things to yourself can hurt a lot.

•         Listening to our heart and letting the power of our love overcome our fears.

There is no such thing as being too late when we are trying to improve the quality of life. Our life is our choice, how and where we choose to take it. When we keep letting ourselves in these horrible situations then we lose a piece of ourselves. When we approach life situations with this thought process and a firm inner strength, we are only bound to make quality decisions in life; even while facing our biggest fears.

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