Friday 9 January 2015

Today was a usual day people/team management. – Re discover it.

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Yes today was definitely a usual day for me with the daily chores and the normal worry that the receivables are down and the payable s are mounting is pending, you know the usual stuff. This routine is normal to me; I mean I am now used to that kind of pressure. I never budge or swerve from this kind of burden. I was having my own normal day and even enjoyed spending some time playing with my son (which I enjoy the most in life). I thought at least the evening would bring in some change and brighten up my otherwise boring day. I was hoping that something amusing would happen and put an end to my bothersome day. I was wrong; I got into an argument with an unreasonable customer who was arguing meaninglessly. I was trying to be polite and communicate; all in vain, he just kept on and on lecturing as to how we failed on delivering customer service and so on. This was it; I said to myself, this is the last disastrous thing that happens to me today. The conversation was thankfully, finally over; I got over it somehow.

I got a call from my friend who wanted to celebrate something and called me over, for a drink. At that moment, I thought god was still there for me, as I desperately needed to share an evening with a friend over some drinks. We met up at a normal joint, known for its good food and great drinks. Now, this is not a flamboyant place where staff where expected to be merry always; even if they were walking out of a funeral of their dear ones. We settled down and were placing our orders for food and drink. I noticed that the staff were so merry they were enjoying their time together; in spite of their day of hectic schedule.  They were all towards the end of their laborious day, yet they were so full of energy. They were calling out each other names and cheered us to do so placing our orders. They were having unlimited fun and were encouraging others to take part.

There were numerous things that occurred to me was how could this happen? How are they filled with so much of energy at the end of a monotonous day? Are they really happy? How are they happy at the fag end of the day? Not only that they are happy themselves, they are spreading it too. The crowd around were happily involved in their joyful conversations and in the process forgot their own miseries and sorrows. I confess, I was one among the crowd.

That is when I realized that happiness is contagious. It not only fills your own heart with joy, but also mirrors your reflection in other person’s life. For you, it might be just a way of life, but for some other person forms a purpose of life, so just to go ahead. And when you know this great secret of life...why not spread it. 

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