Saturday 26 September 2015

The A-Z of Anger team/people management. - An excellent learning.

Anger Management

Anger is one of the most common and frequent emotions we experience. I am sure you are all aware of the damage that it does - sometimes temporary and mostly permanent. It could mean some small time differences with people around us; or some life changing consequences with our relationships. In any case we need to understand that our anger is our own enemy and it usually does us more harm than we can imagine. 

It is important that we understand the causes for this emotion, its signs, the drivers of it  and finally the techniques and solutions to overcome. I think we will be a a great advantage, should we understand this dangerous trait of ours in depth. 

I stumbled upon a great treasure of collection of essays from various renowned Authors, that I wanted to share with you. Please find below the links to different aspects of anger management.

The reason I call this a 'treasure' is that if we take out time and read at least few of the essays and put efforts to practice the techniques mentioned, I think we will make a phenomenal contribution to our own personality and spread happiness among our surroundings. Happy Reading!

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your time reading this post. I would be glad to know your inputs both For or Against. Please feel free to post,share or like if you find it useful.

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