Monday 5 October 2015

Self talk...the best self team/people management. - Practice it.

Self talk..the best self help.

In the previous posts we have learnt about various emotions such as anger, fear, happiness and other such emotions. We have also understood their impact on our behavior that eventually contributes towards our character. The methods and techniques we have learnt in the earlier posts, will help us gain control over our negative thoughts. It also improves the quality of our life as it directly depends on our thoughts and actions. In this article, we will discuss what can we do to improve the quality of communication within ourselves. For further insight into positive communication, please refer to my previous post on : 

Positive communication and a powerful mind ...wonderful tools 

Self Talk is a natural process that develops with us since our childhood and we do not need any external help to attain it. We possess certain instincts that guide us differentiating right from wrong, good from bad and so on. We only need to practice and train ourselves on how and when to listen to our inner voice. These effort go a long way in keeping you motivated, taking responsibility of your life, will also help you live life with an open mind and appreciation. Once trained in self talk, you will experience a significant difference in the quality of your decisions. In fact it will help achieve a meaningful approach towards life. 

Let us first understand, the science involved in a situation that you are faced with; and the subsequent decision making process to counter the situation. 

'Your thoughts play a major role here'. It is through our thoughts that we shape our lives, aim to realize our dreams, implement our decisions and indulge in actions. Thoughts are controlled by various desires, emotions, beliefs, education  and experience. These are the drivers that impact your decision and propel you towards a solution. They influence your actions, decisions, attitude, responses, relationships and behavior. 

In any situation, we indulge in a lot of "Self Talk" knowingly or sub consciously. It is in this phase that we start processing our thoughts. We need to understand the need to possess a strong "guideline or a standardization process" while these thoughts are being processed. You can define your own guidelines. The better guidelines you set and ensure strict adherence to it, the better will be your decisions. Following are some general pointers to have a fair idea of the process:  

  • In any situation do only what is right - Never make any exception to this.
  • Think positive always - A positive thinker reacts positively to all the events in life.
  • There is a limit to criticism - Do not to crush yourselves with self-criticism.
  • Always be in good company - Surround yourselves with positive thoughts and company.
  • Trust the person that who has made the decision which is "You" - It may be a good decision or a bad decision, but it will always be a right one, better still than being indecisive
  • Have the courage to face the principle based decisions you have made - To communicate and implement them.
The self talk process will be more fruitful if it is conducted before an event or a situation occurs. After an incident, there are a lot of factors that influence this process, such as anger, fear, ego and defensive mode etc. 

The quality of communication with your own self determines your happiness, once you practice and master the art, it will guide you to adopt happiness as a way of life.

Remember, happiness is an invention of mind. So invent your happiness through positive thinking.  - by Jayaram V

I hope you enjoy reading the post and find it helpful. I request you to share the learning as much as possible so that many more benefit from it. 

Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!

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