Monday 7 June 2021

Life's Highs And People/Team management – treading the treacherous path.

Life's highs and lows are just as common as the next passing second; frequent to some and intermittent to others. These phases, while not permanent, are certainly testing times and clearly test our endurance to the limits. Many people find it hard to adjust to these phases initially; however, they slowly get used to it and figure out a way to live through it.  These stages tend to bring out the extremes in us, in the process of dealing with it.

The highs and lows in life cause significant changes to our behavior and attitude in general. It brings out a certain persona that is usually more visible to others first, than ourselves. Let us first understand these stages in life. 

Life's highs can be different to different people, for example what is a high in life to one person need not be the same to another person. Simple examples of the highs are securing a dream job, being in a powerful position in society, inheriting a fortune etc.  The list is exhaustive but is usually associated with power, wealth and factors that put a person in a clear advantage.

Life's lows do not need such an elaborate explanation. It is unfortunately the most frequent phase of life that most of us can easily relate to. However, this stage too is individual specific and it is usually associated with failure, be it an important task or life in general, loss of a loved one etc. This list is huge too and is usually correlated by failure, loss, anger shame disgust etc.

These inescapable stages of life throw our life out of gear. However, we really need to understand that these stages of life by themselves aren't no significant; than the point as to how we conduct ourselves through them. The pointers below will provide a clear understanding of these stages and helpful tips for successfully coming out of them.

To emphasize enough that this is a stage of life; and not life itself (It is not permanent).

Having a clarity of thought and not being impulsive (neither with our words nor with our actions).

Taking measured steps guided only by the "Good" in you. Extra care to be taken not to counter the negative emotions (that are rearing to go in such situations).

Finally believing that there is a Choice. It is not the end of the world.

I know these words might sound like a no brainer; but these are the areas that people falter at most of the time. These recommendations will not take you out of the bad situation. It will help you retain your good even in the worst of situations. It will change the paradigm and help you deal with such a situation effectively.

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Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!

Stay Safe.

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