Thursday 16 March 2023

A busy day in the busy world. In People/Team Management – don’t burn bridges you cross.


The world today is busier than ever, it is the same with each passing day. These busy schedules mean a lot of changes to both our professional and personal lives. Sometimes it involves a change in the workplace; for a better job or great perks. It may also require relocation to a new place. Most of the time these changes are our own choices. On few occasions we may not have a say, and may be compelled to face such changes.

These situations are common and can be challenging or rewarding. Challenging because we could get complacent in the present role and be hesitant to take up a new change. Rewarding as we never know what is in store for us in the new role.

We tend to grow complacent because we have worked so hard to make many successful connections, achieved many milestones in the present job. The fear of the unknown in the new opportunity is always there. So much so that we tend to forget that the present job that we are in was also an unknown territory at one time in the past.

The success at this present job was possible only because of the skills and the personality we possess.

In a few cases, the experience of leaving the present organization and the very process of how it is conducted can remain a sore memory to us for a really long time. We may feel betrayed and the process itself in question may seem very unfair; involving a grudge by one person or a small group of people indulging in a plot. The transition can be very painful, considering the innumerous, selfless contributions made by us. Here are certain tips that will help our thought process during these testing times.

•         Don’t burn the bridges – Do not sever the connections made by you over a period of time, painstakingly made with your skills and charisma.

•         Don’t hate the entire organization for the fault of one person – At times we may have the urge of harboring negative thoughts, praying for the failure of the entire organization itself just for the fault of one person.

•         Let go of the bad experience – Do not take it personally and let the experience not remain as a constant reminder of the pain.

•         A new learning – Mold the experience as a new learning for identifying similar situations well in advance in the future.

The person/s who is responsible for such a sinister act is not new to such deeds. They would have done it in the past or will repeat such actions in the future, with someone else. It will remain as a testament to the character they are associated with.

Wisdom lies in carrying on with focusing on the great connections that are made during the period there; instead of carrying the hurt as a burden for the rest of the life.

The world is a small place you never know when you will reap the benefits of your connections; hence don’t burn the bridges that have been crossed.

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