Friday 31 March 2023

Life doesn’t come with a rewind button. In People/Team Management – cherishing the present.

Our present is the result of our actions, choices we made and decisions that we took in the past. There is a point in our life when we think about our past and wish for a few things that could have been done differently; a few decisions or choices that we may regret a lot. Some things we are glad that worked out well for us. It is only natural that we think like that. However, there is no point in either rejoicing or regretting it for a long period of time; hence the phrase ‘don’t live in your past’. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a rewind button. Moving on is the only prudent step that will help.

The best thing that we can do is pick up the learning from our past and based on that take wise and informed steps that will be beneficial for our future. Similarly, thinking relentlessly about our future seldom does any good. In our constant struggle to fight the mistakes of the past and the uncertainty of the future, we ignore enjoying the present to the fullest extent. Understanding that our present will eventually become our past in the future is very important. It is of no use if we continue to have similar regrets in the future too.

While we can’t control each and everything and live life to perfection. We can certainly lay down a few principles that can guide us through. Few things that can help get clarity of the process are:

•         Past is for learning, not living and tormenting ourselves.

•         Pickup learning, follow your passion and cherish the present.

•         It is never too late for anything.

•         Do what makes you happy. (of course, within boundaries)

•         You can never plan enough for the future, stop pushing and punishing yourself.

The world is ever demanding, it is perfectly ok if we are unable to keep up sometimes; we can do only so much at a time. Allowing worries to reach a point that starts telling upon our health is such a shame.

In our day-to-day life we come across so many people who have quit successful careers to pursue life close to Nature in remote places. We should be able to imagine, for such people, how important the things that matter to them are. (Definitely not suggesting stop whatever you are doing and pack your bags).

The things that matter to us vary from person to could be picking up a music lesson to one person or could be gardening or sports to another. The point is identifying our passion point, taking time and efforts even if it needs to be in order to pursue that; because that will help you stay happy and provide you with a feeling of contentment.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your time reading this post. I hope you enjoy reading the posts and find it helpful. I request you to share the learning as much as possible so that many more benefit from it. I would be glad to know your inputs both For or Against. Please feel free to post, share or like if you find it useful.

Happy Learning! and Happy Sharing!

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