Tuesday 27 February 2024

Understanding incompatibility…In People/Team Management – consequences, reasons and resolutions.


Incompatibility can be explained as a state of not being able to work with another person or thing because of basic differences. This can be case with devices, software, machinery and people. When it happens with things, it will render them useless; however when it happens among people, it will result in unfavorable situations and the complications that arise as a result of it.

In this post, we will discuss how incompatibility between people affects their work and personal lives. To understand this term we first need to understand that this doesn’t happen overnight. It consists of multiple layers formed over a period of time. The degree of dissent between people is a direct outcome of how long it has not been acknowledged, addressed and thereby ignored.

People tend to perceive the same situation differently. This ability of people is the primary reason for the conflict to begin. No two people are a one hundred percent match for each other. However between two people, if you consider that the other person already has an 80% of what you need, and lacks a 20% of what you want. It is your choice whether you are willing to let go off the 80% that you have for the 20% that you want. How far you are willing to work with the other person and vice versa makes the difference.

It is a no brainer that it is the most common and prevalent issue today in people’s personal and professional lives. The reasons for the discords between people are far from being simple, it could be having different priorities, ego, a general lack of appreciation of efforts, time and sacrifices of the other person. Etc. etc.

Hence we will try to understand the issue and learn how to diffuse it. Identifying the problem early is the key here. The sooner it is identified, the easier it is to resolve it. A few pointers will help resolving situations like this. Needless to say, open and a free communication are fundamental to approach towards a resolution.

·       Express your willingness to work through the situation, explaining the benefits of the resolution.

·       Be strong with what is unacceptable, yet be polite in communicating it.

·       Determining whether it is a skill issue or a will issue. Keeping the resolution as a process oriented exercise than a result oriented one.

·       Keeping calm throughout the conversation, otherwise the mind shuts off even the basic functions, like hearing the other person when both are talking over each other.

It is important that both parties agree on an action plan. Documentation of the same helps keep actions defined in a more formal scenario. The process is simple, but the implementation of the same by both parties is critical. It requires to be followed up from time to time.

This approach will definitely help work on relationships that people would generally give up making excuses of incompatibility. It would transform the quality of a relationship for good.

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