Friday 19 September 2014

You and I…Together We Make a Great Team in People/Team Management - Experience It.

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Yes, you and i... together we make a great team. This sentence as an opening statement in itself has a positive and a powerful impact. It is so binding; I mean it sounds like a promise to achieve great things working together. This phrase when really meant, the resulting attitude never fails to make a connect with the team. One should align his/her thoughts, actions around it. While interacting with the team or with any individual; on a specific situation or a major task ahead, similar phrases like this reinforces the trust among one another. It could be as simple as…with a team like ours I don't see it as a major hurdle. As part of preparing the individual/team for a demanding task, a huge assignment ahead, a mention of previous milestones achieved by the team; and/or any particular individual's additional contribution to that achievement is a huge bonus.
However, care should be taken not to discuss even on a lighter note, of any individual's mistakes or areas of development in a team meeting. As each one of us, would want the whole world to know what we are good at, but at the same time we sometimes may not want even ourselves to know of our flaws. We do not acknowledge them as flaws. That is the reason why sometimes, we find our opinions differing with almost everyone in the group, when things seem as common sense to the others. This is also a reason that we have to deal with ourselves too in some situations. But don't worry it is very human and probably we are made that way. Fortunately for us, we can overcome situations like this by keeping a cool head about it, not taking decisions in haste, analyze and interpret the situation, get a third party/a domain expert's opinion at it. There is no harm in saying that as of now you do not have a clear understanding of it and need some time to get back with a solution.
However, should you encounter such a situation from the individual/team, as mentioned in my earlier write up, you should put your active listening skills to good use, backed up with the ability to evaluate and understand their reasoning. Efforts should be put to make them perceive the situation instead of convincing them to arrive at a common conclusion.
When an individual has both attitude and willingness, believes in it, practices it and gets good at it; he/she is on the right track of becoming a great leader. And a great leader knows a way to say, mean and achieve; you and i... together we always make a great team.

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