Sunday 21 September 2014

Changing What We Can at Our Work Place in People/Team Management - Re Defining Work Environment

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All of us at some point or other have complaints concerning things at our work place, the majority of times it's because of a particular individual or few people. Surprisingly, rarely it is about the place of work itself, it is principally concerning the people that we work closely with, could be a demanding boss or a particular team member that you just cannot get along with. Well we all know that a person at a regular job spends most of his/her time at work place than anywhere else, so we spend 'Quantity of our time' here. Now on the other side of the coin there is another group of people that we meet during the weekend our close friends/ family that we like to hang out with whenever possible. We never miss a chance to spend time with them either during weekend or during a vacation, in fact we call it 'Quality time'. We look forward to meet up with them, however difficult it is for us just to spend a couple of hours so that we refresh ourselves, recharge our batteries for a challenging week ahead. I sometimes wonder what our work place would be like if we replace Quantity time guys with our Quality time guys. So the question is why are we so comfortable, accommodating, and thriving with one particular set of people? And why don't we get along with the other group. The reason is that you are genuinely interested in spending time with these people, it's like you are with yourself, when you are with this group.
Unfortunately for most of us, we cannot choose who we work with, that is far from happening. However, what we can work towards is, try to transform the quantity time individuals to quality time group as far as possible. Trust me on this one, I have worked in this kind of environments earlier, you would look forward to, in fact want to be at the work place every single day. Sounds too good to be true isn't it. The entire team is in sync and charged up; they have fun at work and enjoy every minute of time they get to spend with the rest of the team members. There is a phenomenal increase in the deliverables of the team, both in terms of quality and quantity. Isn't it a dream place of work for each one of us? This probably is one of the reasons that led to the saying that if you love your work; you won't have to work even a single day. Well it's little difficult to achieve it, but certainly not impossible. The key to achieve this is having a great bonding with the team, most importantly having fun at work, caring for one another, enjoying each other's company. My suggestion is that within the capability of Manager/lead, one should aim and work to provide such a work environment to your team and in the process for yourself too.

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