Tuesday 16 September 2014

People/Team Management - Are you on the right track?

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The secret behind working with people and being successful at it is actually very simple yet a challenging one. As it involves lots of self-analysis and soul searching method involved before one might even ponder to attain difficult tasks. The essence is to possess a genuine interest in people, their overall development and progress, to actually be for them when they need you the most, as a real friend, thinker and guide. Also, the intent needs to be communicated upfront so that the other person is aware and helps you to help him/her through the situation. This attribute may be a virtue to possess or a habit that has to be cultivated.

Currently, most of our work environments demand that we work in sync with systems/ machines and people in order to produce a tangible outcome, consistently. The system part of it is comparatively simple and is fairly predictable. We have bound rules/procedures to follow to arrive at a certain result. However the people end of it is different; there is no set of rules or pointers to achieve a predictable outcome. Every now and then it can get terribly troublesome and needless to mention, could seem as a dead end. Having said that once you break that barrier with people with a genuine intent to work with them and nurture a connect, you will see a huge surge in the deliverables they have to offer for a really long time. Whenever people potential is tapped using this methodology it works wonders. Also, it paves the simplest way for a awfully healthy relationship of understanding among the cluster, thereby resulting in a harmony. One word of caution though, the entire exercise needs to be fairly clear and must be conducted with a genuine intent, else it may not be fruitful. While pretending that you have a genuine interest to help an individual in a situation, can only help to get you so far, neglecting it or adopting another means to get quick results can be very disappointing. 

However, once this becomes your DNA you may see it work miracles for you and for individuals around you. Well it's as expected a contagious habit as your team/group and your peers can notice you open new doorways, so effortlessly, to people situations that seem so complicated and impracticable. This ability when practiced and perfected will not only help you gain success at work environment but also take your personal relations to a new level altogether. 

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