Thursday 9 October 2014

Aim at job delight rather than aspiring job satisfaction…Challenge yourself in People/Team Management – Practice to perfection.

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Delight can be explained as a feeling that you have don’t have any more expectations. It is better understood as a highest level of satisfaction possible. A great leader aims at achieving delight at doing his/her job rather than aspiring job satisfaction. There are a more than few occasions in our regular works that we feel have achieved a great deal, a challenging goal attained or a huge task accomplished. The sense of satisfaction at that achievement is immense; we would be tempted to bask in its glory for some time. There is nothing wrong in enjoying the distinction well deserved as it will provide us with much needed job satisfaction. However one must move on eventually, to set a bigger goal than the earlier, aim to gain a better experience than the previous one. That’s how we transition from being manager of a process to become leader of a team that manages a process efficiently. And that’s how we experience delight at job.

Now let’s imagine that you have accomplished great feats so far with your previous work assignments, so much so that your name is a synonym for success. You are given a new role, a new challenge, a new team to work. In this team there is a person who is a process specialist, excellent at process knowledge and whose promotion is due for a while now. He/she while being indispensable to the team in terms of performance does not get along with the team. The person feels that he/she deserves the much awaited promotion and is being denied as there is no replacement for his/her expertise. He/she is extremely disappointed and thus a major obstacle. How would you deal with the situation? What would your next course of action be? In situations like this I would suggest that you primarily have a one to one meeting with him/her to discuss the following points:
·         First things first to compliment his/her expertise and experience.
·         Acknowledge the fact that on several occasions his/her experience has been a major contribution in the team’s achievements in the past.
·         Argue in agreement that the promotion was certainly delayed and explain that it is just a matter of time that it happens now.
·         All the more reason that he/she starts to get along with rest of the team to transfer knowledge for an effective succession plan.
·         Share with him/her that you always are sensitive towards the development/growth needs of deserving candidates.
·         And most importantly assuring the person that you are no less serious about their progression than they are; and considering your past experience you were always successful at it.

The above mentioned points sound as simple as natural, yet unfortunately we tend to ignore and choose to live with the situation, or seek other means to address the issue, in vain. We sometimes fail to understand a simple fact that people sincerely believe in a leader to help them through a situation or fulfill their dream/vision. And in return a great leader would take it up as a challenge, certainly leave no stone unturned in helping them achieve it. These kinds of successes that we tend to achieve; help a person’s dream come true will never fail to delight us at our work.

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