Tuesday 28 October 2014

Connect vs Communication in People/Team Management - One Step Higher on the Ladder.

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Well you may be good at many things but you are definitely best at one thing. If effective communication is that one thing you are the best at, then kudos half the job done! Now working towards developing connect with people will be one step higher on the ladder. We need to understand the difference between both in the first place. Let's say that you are planning a team meet /training session for a major update in the process and a couple of your team members are working late night shift. This update if not learnt or understood properly would impact team's performance/quality phenomenally. Hence it is important for you to address the entire team at one go so that they are on the same page. Now as a part of communicating to the team you send a mail out asking them to be present for that meeting in the day without fail. You for sure know that a mail is sufficient enough to ensure their presence. However, in the process to develop connect with your people; you call them (the graveyard shift guys) to inform them and discuss options; may be an evening meet is more convenient to them. Explaining them that you understand it would be disturbing their daily routine as they would have logged off early in the day and would need some rest. Here we need to understand the fact that for a person who has worked late night shift; being present even for a team picnic the following day would be difficult let alone attending a major process update team meeting that requires his/her full attention. This small effort from your end goes a long way in reinforcing the message to people that you are sensitive to situations/factors that affect them.
Being sensitive and responsive about factors/situations affecting people is a great way to build in connects.
The basic element required to establish connect with people, however remains 'trust'. You need to work hard to create the trust factor both ways; their trust in you as well as your trust in them. This comes with a lot of benefits such as:
• Effective communication to pass a message clearly without any confusion.
• To create a platform to ask a lot of questions in identifying the root cause of a problem (which otherwise can come across as interrogation/confrontation)
• Would create an open communication platform that provides solution for a lot of issues.
• Provide a feedback and knowing for sure that it would be worked upon always.
The most popular benefit probably is to see the ease that 'feedback providing' process transitions to; being certain that the mechanism works always to provide desired results. To summarize, this creates the model of an ideal work environment a key to build winning teams; one that we always desire ourselves to be associated with.

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