Tuesday 25 November 2014

Be the change …one that you always wanted in People/Team management – Create a Quality Work Place (QWP).

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We will refer to the term Quality Work Place as ‘QWP’ as we would be using it a lot in this post. Observing your previous leaders or from your prior experience, there may be few practices that you adore and always wanted to incorporate within your work place. Similarly, there may be some practices that you have objections to. These observations may also result from current practices within your team. At this point, you want to get rid of the prevalent negative practices and bring in some positives to the team. Changes like this, that you believe in and help create a QWP for one and all. You need to take initiatives and introduce these modifications to your team. You need to be the change here to create a QWP. Remember change in order to be effective has to begin with you always. Following is a method suggested to achieve it. It has always helped get great results, be it creating a QWP with a team, or coach on individual performance.

First of all, commit yourself to bringing about the change that you always wanted. Commitment is a major step towards creating a QWP. Identify the positive and negative practices from your previous experiences and current observations in the team. Discussing with the team to identify the factors is a great way of engaging them.

Positive Observations:
·         Promoting a fun filled work environment.
·         Motivate to perform better and assist the under performers.
·         Have an effective feedback mechanism in place that addresses issues immediately.

Negative Observations:
·         Fault finding exercise when team/people fail at a task.
·         Taking credit for someone else’s work.
·         Delayed or no feedback mechanism in place, issues piling up as a result.

The above mentioned list of the positives and negatives practices serves just as an example (the mentioned points may vary from case to case).

These pointers thus form an actionable item, on priority, integrating the positive aspects and overcoming the negatives.  The next step would be conduct brainstorming sessions with the team while discussing specifics of each parameter. Finally agree on a time frame to achieve it. Regular follow it up is required till the goal is achieved.

Mark off ones that your team has worked on; have achieved or overcome. The sooner you achieve it, the closer you are at creating a ‘Quality Work Place’. This tool has various possibilities; it works wonders as a quality tool, performance coaching and for action plans addressing under performance. This work place betterment model never fails to attain measurable results when implemented; however, as any other method needs to be followed sincerely with regular follow up.

The entire exercise has to be communicated to the people involved, upfront, clearly explaining how the process works. They must know that they are key stakeholders for achieving success using it. Adopting this method they will participate in the exercise, work the suggested changes and see benefits out of it always.  This way you will train and teach them simultaneously, building a Quality Work Place whenever they have such an opportunity.   

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