Tuesday 18 November 2014

Exchanging and practicing positive habits… a powerful game changer in People/Team Management – Pursue it with your willpower.

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If you want to see quick positive changes in your team and yourself, there is a great suggestion, which never fails to work wonders. It is easy to understand and one with no strings attached.  The only catch is that it requires you to strongly believe in it, that it will provide positive results always, sooner than anticipated. You will have to practice it with perseverance though. The idea itself is very simple; you are in constant touch with a group of people; your team, as a part of your daily work. Each one of them comes with their own positive practices, habits which they are very good at. These are good things that you have identified in the other person; one which you always appreciate and desired to possess.

My recommendation is that you identify such simple habits, within each of your team members and try to inculcate those. Discuss this with your team and encourage them to do the same. At the onset, do not choose or suggest complex skills, to follow as it will be difficult to pursue and will not provide immediate results. They need to be simple practical habits that are easy to pursue and learn. It comes with immense benefits, few of them are:

·        You and your team will slowly learn to identify positives in every other person.
·        Will appreciate the other person for possessing it, and put efforts to learn it.
·        When successful, each of your team members will have all the good practices, that all of you together acknowledge.

Let’s say you are working with a team of ten; worst case scenario is that the idea hasn't gone well with your team members. They haven’t learned a thing. You have got nothing to lose; you still are a winner, having picked up ten different good qualities for yourself.

Inspirational quote by Swami Vivekananda:

If we both exchange one rupee, we each have one rupee.

But if we both exchange one good thought, we each have two good thoughts.
Mind is not a dustbin to keep anger, hatred and jealousy. But it’s a treasure box to keep love, happiness and sweet memories.”

Please do not restrict it your work place alone, practice it in your personal life too, wherever you possibly can and share the idea. Remember always share things that you feel good about, things that you feel will benefit you. If it benefits you, it surely will profit others too. People remember you for sharing good things with them, for a real long time. For true benefits in sharing, please refer to my earlier post: Small ‘Groups’ within the ‘Team’ an AlarmingSituation in People/Team Management - Diffuse and Re Structure.  

Now answer the question that is persisting in your mind. Will it work? Is it even worth it? What and how could it possibly benefit me? The answer to that question lies in your own willpower. How keen are you willing to pursue it and how strongly you believe it to be a game changer. 

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