Thursday 6 November 2014

You are a great leader who knows Courage…is the only substitute to Fear in People/Team management – Foster it.

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When we confront worst situations in life it is quite human that we tend to break down with failure, guilt, shame and such varied emotions. It is also quite normal that we lament and hold ourselves responsible for the failure. Overall the situation is pathetic; luckily instances like these are very rare. I am sure most of us can relate to the feelings of a person in such a situation; for those who haven’t encountered it; well you are very lucky. A feeling that everything that you have planned has gone haywire and you are gripped with fear that what other repercussions will it have. It will seem you have lost everything you have created so far your credibility, reputation and things like that. It may be quite possible that people who you are closely working with is facing such a situation. Either ways, how you gather yourself and react in such situations define what you are made of.

At this instance, ‘What else will go wrong’ and ‘What else can go wrong’ – The difference between these two phrases tells us a lot about a person’s attitude while confronting these situations. If you are facing this kind of a situation be a pillar for yourself; if you are helping someone through similar situation please be a pillar of trust for them. In such situations, it provides a great relief to yourself or others if your actions revolve around the following thought pattern:

·         Do not create or give false hopes to yourself or the others that things will turn around at this stage.
·         Confront the situation considering that the worst to happen has already happened and you are at the rock bottom; nothing else can go more wrong than this.
·         Now the only way forward is upwards.
·         The journey upwards is for sure a difficult one, but definitely not an unattainable one.
·         Evaluating all factors that went wrong; both ones in your control and ones beyond your control.
·         With your courage, hope and efforts you will certainly accomplish it.

Remember your courage alone can deliver you out of situations like these; take measures to replace your fear with courage. Great things are achieved with courage and not with fear of someone or something. When you become a source of tremendous courage for people they will cherish you for their lifetime. Never ever mock a person that you have helped out; it will shake the pillar of trust you have created and all your efforts will then go in vain. Work places will always need great leaders like this as a source of hope and inspiration, who replace fear with courage and create miracles.

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