Monday 10 November 2014

When in doubt…look at your fingers in People/Team management – Tap the potential.

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People in our team come with diverse mentalities, behaviors and skill sets. Some of them are lively, cheerful and chirpy, while some others are moody, impulsive and whining. Sometimes we wish we had a choice who we work with. At times, we may also feel our previous team was much better than the current one; both in terms of performance and our period of time with them. Needless to mention, given a choice we tend to pick the best of the lot. There may be a reason to why we feel that way; familiarity and a prepared resource are favorites to all. We need to understand here that people in a team are different and unique. Each of them has their own advantages and limitation. However, working together as a team they form a perfect sync, coordinating their individual competencies to flourish as a team. They are effective that way.

Now let’s imagine your team consists of say ten people, each one of them are identical to you in the way they think, work and act; possess the same great skills as you. How according to you would the work place be like? I would say pretty soon one would get disinterested as it lacks diversity. Variety keeps us engaged, we thrive at it. Have you ever thought how our hand would function if all the fingers were replaced with our strongest finger? I doubt it would be half as functional as the present one. Worse still it would be a major hindrance to accomplish even simple tasks. So the next time you are in doubt about the constitution of your team or feel a couple of them might just not be a good fit; just have a good look at your hand. Fingers while so different from one another, yet when they work together accomplish feats that are stronger than you might imagine. Working together they provide great strength for people to climb vertical surfaces supporting their entire weight. Same is the case with different people in a team. As a great leader, it is in your hands; using your experience and abilities to get all the different individuals with varied strengths and skill sets to work together as a team. Hence the beautiful quote:

“The best helping hand that you will ever receive is the one at the end of your own arm.”
- By Fred Dehner.

People are unique and possess certain exclusive abilities that are amazing. I have known people who though average at their own performance; are a phenomenal source of team spirit by their vibrant energy levels. Their presence itself boosts up team morale and results in an observable difference in team’s performance. Individuals with such spirited abilities are instrumental in promoting fun at stressful work environments.

Our job is to identify such varied talents and tap those resources to ensure smooth running of the team. Create a happy work environment for one and all in the process. Remember a happy team is the most productive one too.

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